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Despite the Spirit Squad’s best efforts, the Broken Hardyz wrestle at House of Hardcore 25 on FloSlam


After the intermission at House of Hardcore 25 tonight (live on FloSlam), Tommy Dreamer came to the ring for his promised State of the Union, joined by his tag partner for the weekend, Bully Ray.

He thanked the crowd for coming and selling the ECW Arena out before talking about how, 17 years ago, he won the ECW World Heavyweight Championship over his own protestations thanks to a confluence of strange wrestling politics also involving WWE, since Taz was champion going in and under contract.

So when he founded House of Hardcore, it was built around the principle of no politics, no BS, just wrestling, but sadly politics have arrived and caused a disruption at last night's show.

As such, going forward, so this never happens again, every single person that works for House of Hardcore will be under a nightly contract so no one can try to deny the fans of the people who are to be here. He continued, getting choked up while talking about making this happen for each and every one of us when the Spirit Squad reared their ugly heads again.

Kenny proclaimed that the Hardyz weren't here, ran down House of Hardcore and said Vincent Kennedy McMahon deleted the match— sorry, card subject to change! They offer to "save the show" by wrestling Bully and Tommy again before saying they intend to expose Dreamer as an actual politician himself.

Well, good news, because the Hardyz were in fact at the ECW Arena, in their complete and broken glory! Broken Matt did his thing on the mic and informed the Squad of Spirit that they weren't taking his broken brilliance or Brother Nero anywhere. Brother Nero sang a few bars of Obsolete to help them understand and then the Hardyz kicked them out of the ring.

Matt went on to say that he knew HOH is in a serious spot and that HHH, Mark Carrano, Vince, and everyone were very generous in letting them appear, but that is not enough, and they came here to wrestle! He's not concerned with what the repercussions will be on Raw-- he'll wrestle them tonight and deal with Meek Mahan later.

And wrestle they did, a wild hardcore brawl with everything you'd expect from those four guys. Or, well, six, as the Spirit Squad interfered a ways into the match and took stereo Twists of Fate and Kenny ate a powerbomb through a table for their trouble.

In the end, the Hardyz won with a Swanton Bomb on Dreamer, and a fun time was had by all.

After the match, Matt had a premonition that brought him back to "normal" for a minute before becoming broken once again. Not even Meek Mahan can control his broken brilliance! He thanked everyone from the bottom of his heart for letting them come here and do this for this long.

He says that they've had dark days, but independent wrestling kept them going, even when Bully brought him in to work for the evil Anthem Owlman (to which a "F#$! that owl!" chant broke out, of course), and he asked Bully and Dreamer to rise to their feet to ask Tommy if they can still get booked at HOH if they're out of a job come Monday. (Tommy agreed, of course.)

Bully put them over for coming back to WWE and stealing the show at WrestleMania, saying that's cool, but it'll never be as cool as this.

Tommy closes his State of the Union address by saying that this literally came about at the eleventh hour, that if it wasn't for Ring of Honor, Joe Koff, Triple H, and Vince McMahon (what a list of people!), this would never have happened. He tells both ROH, HHH, and Vince all that House of Hardcore owes them a favor, which, man. That's sure some 2017 pro wrestling stuff, isn't it?

So the State of Pro Wrestling is that it's stronger than ever, because of everyone involved at every level it's the best sport in the world.

Amen, Tommy!

There you have it, folks

Vince and Triple H came through in the end and we got a lovely little slice of 2017 pro wrestling. Now if you'll excuse me, I have the DELIGHTFUL main event of Penta el Zero M vs. Sami Callihan to watch!

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