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Broken Matt Hardy vs. Tommy Dreamer somehow becomes Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer vs. the Spirit Squad, chaos ensues at House of Hardcore 24

The card, as ever in pro wrestling, is subject to change.

At House of Hardcore 24 tonight, the scheduled main event was Broken Matt Hardy vs. Tommy Dreamer in what was billed as an "NJ Delete Street Fight", one of the Raw Tag Team Champion's last indie dates after returning to WWE. He and Dreamer made their entrances, all seemed well...

And then the Spirit Squad showed up in as full force as you'll find them today, Kenny, Mikey, and Johnny.

They announced that they were here to reclaim Matt and take him back to Stamford for his boss, Meek Mahan. Hardy insisted that he is actually the boss, not Meek Mahan, but they wouldn’t take no for an answer.

Bully Ray made the save (making sense of why he was replaced by Bobby Fish in his previously scheduled match against Sami Callihan), but Broken Matt, for whatever reason— the command of the Seven Deities, Meek Mahan deciding at the last minute that he’d rather not have one of his tag champions wrestle on FloSlam, the Spirit Squad inexplicably actually doing enough damage to take him out of contention, take your pick— was nowhere to be found and a tag team street fight was made, Bully and Dreamer vs. Kenny and Mikey.

A short and wild brawl, it featured a run-in from Velvet Sky at one point and, shortly after, a familiar strain filled the Metuchen Sportsplex...

After Sandman got involved, things quickly came to a climax with a 3D and victory for the ECW legends.

But while I’m here, why not some Sermon-style results & quick thoughts on the rest of the show?

Complete results

  1. Bull James over TJ Marconi
  2. Rhett Titus over Action Ortiz
  3. Crowbar, Little Guido, & Pat Buck over Gigolo Justin & the Now (Hale Collins & Vik Dalishus)
  4. Alex Reynolds over Matt Striker
  5. Brian Cage over MVP
  6. Sami Callihan over Bobby Fish
  7. Bully Ray & Tommy Dreamer over Spirit Squad (Kenny & Mikey) (Street Fight)

Cage/MVP and Callihan/Fish were the clear standout matches on the card, a pair of symmetrical brawls with just a splash of grappling to liven things up. Both are very much worth a look if you have a FloSlam subscription and about forty minutes of spare time, folks.

And a quick shout-out to Action Ortiz for having a nifty variation on the ol’ indie “pop up on a German suplex” spot, where rather than popping up he sort of rose inexorably before manually adjusting his head and neck as if to pop something back into place.

There you have it, folks

A wild and admittedly disappointing finish to a Friday night of wrestling, but such is our 2017 world of kaleidoscopic spheres of interest and overlapping allowances on streaming services.

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