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Cody Rhodes is ready to pick a home promotion

Friday’s Rude Awakening looks at Cody Rhodes’ plans to settle down, the latest Paige rumors, and Impact merging with Global Force Wrestling.

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Cody Rhodes has been wrestling basically everywhere since departing from WWE. Rhodes has, most notably, performed with Ring of Honor, Impact Wrestling, and in New Japan as part of the Bullet Club, but he’s also made time to show up at seemingly any indie promotion that asks him to, regardless of its size. All of that sounds like it’s soon coming to an end, though, as Cody Rhodes told Sports Illustrated that he’s “about to make a decision” regarding where he’ll spend his grappling days from here on out.

It’s been a little odd that Rhodes has been able to work for competing companies like Impact and Ring of Honor, but that’s what happens when you’re Cody Rhodes, former WWE star and son of Dusty Rhodes: is Impact or Ring of Honor or anyone besides WWE in a place where they can say no to him? So, everyone has just let him join up as he can to this point, and he’s been in considerable placement on basically every card he’s appeared on — Rhodes is a current Global Force Wrestling champ and involved in a feud for ROH’s title, too — but all of that will change once Cody makes his stated decision.

It’s not clear where it will be, but Ring of Honor is maybe the best bet, since it would likely allow him to continue on with New Japan as well given the relationship between those two companies. Then again, Impact cleared out a bunch of their roster to make room for newer talent, and as they’ve already signed Alberto El Patron, another arguably misused WWE talent up near the top of their card would make all kinds of sense. We’ll just have to wait and see, but it doesn’t sound like we’ll need to wait much longer to know for sure.

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