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Braun Strowman the god, feat. Dylan Roth

Episode 83 of Rudo Radio praises Braun Strowman, and talks about the rise of WWE and wrestling in pop culture.

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That Braun Strowman guy is something, huh? Flipping over ambulances, tossing Kalisto in the trash, getting up after breaking the ring with a superplex? Dude is amazing, and myself, Nick Bond, and special guest Dylan Roth from pop culture site all took time to praise him this week.

We also discussed Baron Corbin, the happenings on RAW and SmackDown Live this week, and the rise of WWE in pop culture, and how technology and modern media is maybe giving it the touchstone it needs to explode in the way that the comics universe expanded in pop culture a decade ago.

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Thanks again to Dylan Roth for joining us. You can follow him on Twitter at @DylanRoth.

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