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WrestleMania 33 is tonight, here’s what you need to know

A special WrestleMania edition of Rude Awakening includes previews of Mania 33, fallout from TakeOver: Orlando, and Nikki Bella keeping her hopes in check.

We publish a whole lot of content here at Cageside Seats. We’re also [looks around and whispers so the bosses can’t hear] not the only place producing wrestling content on the internet. So, as a service to you on the weekdays, we’ll be producing a wrestling newsletter, "Rude Awakening." Well, it will be a newsletter eventually: for now, it’ll just be part of your experience here at Cageside, collecting the news, recaps, and social moments from the greater wrestling universe daily so you won’t fall behind, with a newsletter format to come.

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After months and months of build, we’re finally at the end of the road to WrestleMania. It’s time for the ultimate thrill ride, the showcase of the immortals, the granddaddy of them all, and whatever other nicknames for WrestleMania I’m forgetting. It begins at 5 p.m. ET on the WWE Network with a kickoff show, and the main card begins at 7 p.m. ET. We have match previews and predictions for you to consume! Cageside Seats has collected all our those in one convenient place, so you’ve got a full day of reading ahead of you before Mania kicks off late this afternoon.

Elsewhere, here’s the full rundown and why you should care about WrestleMania 33, which is my own preview for the show from SB Nation. Speaking of predictions, we have a number of surprises we think Mania could deliver — it’s unlikely to have all four of these, but one or two of them would make for some real memorable moments. We also aren’t the only ones in the prediction game: Nikki Bella doesn’t want to get her hopes up about John Cena proposing to her, but that’s okay, Nikki. We all have our hopes up for you.

We’ve got a full look at the absolutely bonkers and totally pro wrestling Bray Wyatt and Randy Orton feud for the WWE World Championship. A reminder that all of WrestleMania isn’t for hardcore fans, and why that’s okay. And we’ve even got reason to believe the Hardys might be returning to WWE — no one knows for sure except the Hardys and WWE, but hey, we’ve got hours left to speculate, so let’s do just that.

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