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What are Paige and Alberto El Patron trying to accomplish with anti-WWE videos?

Monday’s Rude Awakening looks at Paige and Alberto, the first post-Shakeup week of WWE, and Bobby Roode selling a Stunner like it was meant to be sold.


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Alberto El Patron has published a couple of videos now where he lashes out at WWE, and more specifically, at Triple H. Paige, who happens to still work for WWE but has been out recovering from neck surgery, also happens to be on these Periscope videos with him. As Sean Rueter pointed out while covering the last of these videos, Paige acts awkward about Alberto’s anti-WWE stance on camera, but is also sharing these videos on Twitter, so it’s unclear how bothered by her fiance’s antics she is.

Given all that, it’s difficult to know if Paige and Alberto are using these videos as a means to make it easier for WWE to release her so she would be free to work elsewhere — like, say, Impact Wrestling, where El Patron currently performs — or if this really is just Alberto saying dumb stuff into a social media app and Paige legitimately being embarrassed and not knowing how to stop these videos and their anti-WWE content from being made by her future husband. There is no explicit attempt by Paige to be released — as said, she’s on much better behavior than Alberto on these videos — but sharing them despite their content does make you wonder what’s going on.

What we do know is that there’s no feud in the works: this isn’t just the former Del Rio acting out kayfabe in order to get back to WWE a third time and eventually end up wrestling Triple H or anything like that. So, this is either one dude jeopardizing his fiance’s job by having her appear with him on camera, or a scheme with the intent of putting her job in jeopardy. Given WWE’s stance of basically ignoring Impact and the fact that WWE Studios is in the middle of filming a story based on the life of Paige and her family, they’re probably going to need to do better than saying Triple H has a big nose and having Paige retweet that if it’s the latter.

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