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WWE’s Superstar Shakeup is a mystery, but that’s the fun of it

Monday’s Rude Awakening includes the Superstar Shakeup, New Japan’s latest event, and Shinsuke Nakamura dream matches.

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The rosters of both RAW and SmackDown Live could have a completely different dynamic by this time Tuesday morning. There could also just be minor changes to each roster, with a little more change coming Tuesday courtesy of the blue brand. We don’t know! We’re not even sure WWE knows yet. That’s kind of the fun of the Superstar Shakeup, which will begin (and end?) on RAW this Monday: we could be in for just a little bit of roster tweaking, or maybe this, like the draft, will be a way for WWE to truly shuffle their rosters and change the stories either brand is able to tell.

You probably don’t want to keep reading if you want to remain rumor- and spoiler-free — just skip to the bullets if that’s the case. None of what we have to offer you is a spoiler yet, but were they to come to pass, then retroactively they would have been. AJ Styles keeps coming up as someone who could go to RAW, but not if The Club goes to SmackDown to join him. Roman Reigns is still in the mix for a switch to SmackDown, but he also is kind of in a feud with Braun Strowman, so maybe not? Alexa Bliss for Charlotte — former champ for former champ — is the one thing that feels like a given at this point, and that could be huge for both shows. It’d breakup RAW’s obsession with focusing on just a few women, and it would give SmackDown some of the star power they, in the eyes of some, desperately need.

SmackDown could rebuild its tag division overnight. RAW could have the best wrestler in the entire company, and in the process give SmackDown the wrestler everyone has a very loud opinion of. Both women’s divisions could be improved with a couple of swaps. Maybe someone like Sami Zayn will finally be put in a situation where he can approach a title, and then — brace yourself — win it. All of these things could happen! None of them could happen! We’ll just have to watch on Monday and Tuesday night to see what the shakeup is doing to the rosters we are familiar with. And that’s the point of it all, yeah?

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