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Drew McIntyre confirms he’s signed with NXT

Moments after he was shown on-screen during tonight’s TakeOver: Orlando broadcast, Drew Galloway confirmed to ESPN he is once again Drew McIntyre, as he’s returning to the company where he worked as everything from “The Chosen One” to a member of an enhancement talent, rock band faction with Jinder Mahal & Heath Slater.

McIntyre, who left TNA Impact along with several other high profile names after Anthem Entertainment took control, told ESPN:

Well the answer's pretty simple. I've won championships all across the world, I've helped build brands. So what's the next logical thing for me to do? It's to come here and win the NXT title.

It’s interesting that Drew, who was released back in 2014, specifies NXT. With speculation swirling that Shinsuke Nakamura’s third straight main event loss on a live special means he’s headed to Raw or SmackDown, McIntyre could be part of the next wave of main eventers for WWE’s third brand.

We should know more by Wednesday, when NXT films at Full Sail - and after three straight nights of main roster shows where Nakamura might appear.

Excited to have Drew back in the ‘E?

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