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Young Bucks regain Ring of Honor tag titles... what’s next for the Hardys?

Meanwhile, in Lakeland, Ring of Honor (ROH) was having an internet pay-per-view (iPPV) on a very busy Saturday night in Central Florida.

Numerous things happened on the show, Supercard of Honor XI - of course. Some of them were quite good. Check the results here.

But one was always going to loom over everything else, because it featured one of the hottest acts in all of pro wrestling, a team of legends rumored to be on their way back to the biggest companies in the history of the business.

Matt & Jeff Hardy and Matt & Nick Jackson did their best to make the rumors irrelevant, as the put their bodies on the line to not only steal the show, but the whole damn WrestleMania weekend.

Once The Young Bucks superkicked (what else?) the Hardys from a ladder and claimed the ROH tag titles, however, the speculation machine kicked into overdrive. Even more so when, in the aftermath, the two teams shared hugs and it looked like the former champs might be saying goodbye.

Honestly, considering the abuse they dished out and took tonight, it’s hard to imagine either team will be ready to wrestle in the next several weeks, let alone days. But could Matt & Jeff show up in Camping World Stadium, or at Monday night’s Raw in the Amway Center?

Jeff says no, nothing is imminent. But now that he and his Broken brother no longer hold another major promotion’s gold... well, good luck convincing anyone your WWE re-debut isn’t right around the corner.

Check this match out if you can, Cagesiders, and resume wondering when the Hardyz are coming home.

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