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Let’s Say Nice Things About... The First Two Months (A Recap)


Here at Cageside Seats, we know being cynical is part the wrestling fan experience. It's not like we mean to be (at least I don't think so), but when deep down you know things can be better and your favorite company isn't trying to be better, you get a little angry and negative. We get it.

Or maybe it's the years and years and years of watching wrestling has conditioned us to know what we want and anything out of that comfort zone is rejected wholesale. Look, we get it.

In a small effort to combat that cynicism and negativity that is often associated with this fandom, this site will say something nice about something or someone in wrestling every day for an entire year.

We've done it for two months so far. So... you know, check out what we've done. This time, I’ve put in chronological order from earliest to latest.

January 2017

1. Tom Phillips

2. Nikki Bella

3. Eva Marie

4. Vince McMahon

5. TNA

6. Monday Night RAW

7. Jack Swagger

8. Paige

9. Dixie Carter

10. Wrestling fans

11. Stephanie McMahon

12. Triple H

13. Ryback

14. Michael Cole

15. David Otunga

16. The Great Khali

17. Jim Cornette

18. Jerry Lawler

19. Jeff Jarrett

20. CM Punk

21. The Big Show

22. Kane

23. Nia Jax

24. Braun Strowman

25. Goldberg

26. John Cena

27. Charlotte

28. James Ellsworth

29. Shane McMahon

30. Roman Reigns

31. Alexa Bliss

February 2017

1. Seth Rollins

2. The Miz

3. The XFL

4. Bret Hart

5. Mojo Rawley

6. The cruiserweight division

7. Eric Bischoff

8. Daniel Bryan

9. Kurt Angle

10. AJ Brooks

11. The original ECW


13. The Rock

14. Total Divas

15. Goldust

16. Samoa Joe

17. Vickie Guerrero

18. Kevin Nash

19. WCW 2000

20. Mauro Ranallo

21. Wrestlemania 2000

22. NXT: The Game Show

23. Ring of Honor

24. WWE Network

25. The American Bad Ass Undertaker

26. Vince Russo

27. Celebrity angles in wrestling

28. New Generation Era

If you have any suggestions for a future subject, comment below or on my Twitter @notoriouseddie. I promise I am a very sociable person. Most of the time.

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