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Triple H clarifies his former unhappiness with NXT

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On his last conference call to promote an upcoming NXT TakeOver special, Triple H remarked “I’m not happy with where it is right now by far.” He talked about a rebuilding process and constant changes having an affect on it.

On his latest conference call, that was brought up again and he wanted to clarify what he meant by it:

"Let me just say first off I'll never be happy with the product, probably, because I just never... I think that's the nature of what it is, you always want it to be better than it can be. You always want it to be more than what it is at that time. That being said, I want to make sure that I'm clear on that. That unhappiness had nothing to do with talent; that unhappiness had more to do with my end, with the creative, with our production, with all that. There were reasons for all of it. We were, you know, NXT, the Performance Center, designed to create a lot of things, designed to create everything that we do, really, not just in-ring performers. And it did that, it did that very well. When those people were moved up to take on different and maybe bigger responsibilities within the company, it sort of strip-mined NXT. So about the same time we lost a lot of our performers, at the draft we lost the entire women's division with the exception of Asuka. We had to start over in many ways, but we also did that behind-the-scenes and we kind of had to start over.

"So when I say 'unhappy with the product,' I'm happy with where we had brought it to. There are a lot of things that as NXT came up and changed, some of the things that worked got adopted by main roster, the things that worked got moved up, and we had to reinvent ourselves. I just didn't have the team and the capabilities... we just got caught. I'm much happier where we are now not because it's where I want to be but because I'm on a path to get there. To me, there's nothing worse than saying I'm unhappy with this and I don't have the means or the ability to fix it or I'm not on the way to fixing it. We're on the way to being where I want it to be now, to me. I think I would look to everybody out there as to whether NXT is getting better over time in the last few weeks or months but I feel like it is."

That’s still somewhat vague but it’s clearly difficult to run a promotion that has a limited run with its top stars before being forced to create new ones, not to mention having its way of doing things adopted by the much larger main roster.

NXT will never be what WWE is but that doesn’t mean it can’t be successful in its own way. Triple H never being satisfied may actually be helpful in accomplishing as much.