Dean Ambrose and Renee Young gave an interview

What else do you need to know?

Okay, fine.

A second Dean Ambrose interview (check out this one) is available for our retinas viewing pleasure and for our heart's content. Every Dean Ambrose interview is obviously a gift and is wholly good, but these two are top notch.

Additionally, this article has my not-yet-BFF Renee Young offering commentary.

Vegas Seven recently put infamous Las Vegas residents Dean & Renee (I say infamous because of this) on the cover, did a hot-as-hell (and you can't teach that) photoshoot, and it's all so very excellent. Dean talks about his start in wrestling, how he did a 180 on Total Divas (good thing for all of us), fan fiction and psychotic fans, his response to those who say wrestling's fake ("To me, there's nothing fake about the miles that I've put on my body or the actual work that goes into perfecting this as a craft"), and why he believes he would make a "hell of a park ranger."

I particularly enjoyed this bit:

Ambrose: I’ve gotten asked to do things that, sometimes, I think, "That’s stupid." If you do anything a hundred percent, if you commit to it, even if sucks, it’ll at least suck a hundred percent. One my favorites was when Vince [McMahon, the driving force behind WWE] wanted me to carry this little red wagon full of weapons around the ring in Brooklyn, the hardest audience that we have. And I’m getting ready for a fight with Brock Lesnar. So I’m like, "I’m about to go into a match that will be a fight to the death with the beast incarnate, who’s going to probably kill me—this is not a time for laughs. If I come out there with a little red wagon, they’re gonna laugh at me." But he’s like, "No, you’re not even gonna look at Brock. You’re just gonna pull that wagon, put your weapons in it, walk around, go to the back."

Young: And it was great.

Ambrose: He said, "Because it’s not a joke to you. This wagon is serious"—and in Vince’s mind, he saw it a certain way, and I went, "All right, fine, OK. I’ll drag the little red wagon, and I’m gonna drag the shit out of that little red wagon." And I went out there, was mean-muggin’ with this little red wagon, and it was so ridiculous, but I took it seriously. They loved it, and I was like, "I cannot believe that worked."

Truly, you should not deprive yourself. You can read it here.

May we all follow Dean's example and drag the shit out of the little red wagons life saddles us with. <3

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