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There’s not much Undertaker hasn’t accomplished in his amazing WWE career

The above video from WWE, where our pal Corey Graves breaks down “4 things The Undertaker hasn't accomplished yet”, really underlines what a remarkable run the Phenom has had since debuting for the company at Survivor Series back in 1990.

Never mind that I don’t think many people really want two of these four things (an Iron Man match for the 51 year old, or another bout against the 71 year old Vince McMahon). I’d personally cheer the other two (the Intercontinental title win that’s somehow eluded him for more than 25 years, or an appearance in NXT), but that’s not the point.

It’s that WWE’s team had to rack their collective brains just to come up with these four.

We’ll probably never see anything like the Dead Man again. Which is something I’m gonna try to remind myself, even if I’m not crazy about whatever WWE has him doing at WrestleMania 33 in a couple months.

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