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Broken Matt promises ‘an INTRIGUING week’ amidst reports The Hardys are set to become free agents

With Drew Galloway officially parting ways with Impact Wrestling, attention is turning to the promotion’s biggest names - Matt & Jeff Hardy.

The brothers, and Matt’s Broken Universe, have been central to TNA’s programming for the past year - right up the end of the last set of tapings. For that reason, it’s been believed re-signing them was a top priority for new owners Anthem Entertainment. At the same time, with their new gimmick making the former WWE stars among the hottest acts on the independent scene, there have also been persistent rumors Vince McMahon was interested in bringing them back to his company.

Looks like we’ll find out which of those paths the Hardys will take very soon.

PWInsider reports the Matt & Jeff’s TNA “deals expire this week”. Insider’s sources indicate Impact and the Hardys agreed to terms of new contracts “some time ago”, but for whatever reason, those papers haven’t been signed.

On the latest Wrestling Observer Radio (subscription required but recommended), Dave Meltzer speculated that TNA’s new ownership and management changes - such as bringing back Jeff Jarrett - may have made it more likely Matt & Jeff would leave Impact. WWE is described as being "certainly in the ballgame, if not likely" as the Hardys’ new home.

It’s possible House Hardy could follow Galloway’s lead. They’re already in demand on the indie scene, and the Observer mentions that TNA is asking for exclusivity and/or a say in what bookings they take. That reportedly played a role in Drew’s decision to go his own way, and it could for Matt & Jeff, as well.

However, Meltzer also points out the brothers are not taking independent dates after May, and have told promoters they don’t want to commit to anything they might not be able to fulfill. They’ve also reportedly told companies that could change soon, however.

Impact tapes later this week and this weekend, so whether or not they show up for those tapings at Universal Studios in Orlando will give us a good indicator as to their contract status.

Or, as Broken Matt himself Tweeted, doing his best to Kenny Omega impersonation to ensure this remains a topic of conversation...

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