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Rudo Radio ep. 77: Breaking down RAW with Kate Foray

How RAW spends its time, what SmackDown is doing right, and more on this week’s Rudo Radio.

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This week’s Rudo Radio features special guest Kate Foray, whom you might know from her weekly Raw BreakDown Project. For nearly two years, Kate has broken down Raw’s segments by the time they took, giving her a database of WWE’s history and trends and giving us all insight into what they’ve really been doing with their time compared to what fans or even WWE might think.

That’s not all, of course. We also talk up some of what’s been going on with RAW and SmackDown lately, from Kevin Owens to New Day to the women of the blue brand to the successful-albeit-sloppy Battle Royal.

Here’s where you can find the Raw Breakdown Project, as well as Kate Foray’s Patreon. Hey, if enough people contribute to it, we’ll get a SmackDown Breakdown, too.

You can rate, review, and subscribe to us on iTunes — in fact, we’d really appreciate it. You can also leave us questions to answer in next week’s episode in the comments here at Cageside Seats, or by tweeting at either Nick Bond (@THEN1CKSTER) or myself (@Marc_Normandin).

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