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Kassius Ohno is back!

And he’s coming after Bobby Roode!


We heard that the former Chris Hero was returning to the WWE, but we hadn’t seen him yet on NXT TV. Sure we saw him in a fallout video after the last TakeOver and they started running the video packages for his return last week. But there was no word when he’d actually show up.

It was tonight!

Bobby Roode had successfully defeated No Way Jose in the main event, but the champion wasn’t through. He wanted to inflict more pain on Jose by hitting a chop block and locking in a single leg Boston crab. This looked like a perfect time for former champion Shinsuke Nakamura to return. Instead.... “Ohno!”

Kassius Ohno was the man to make the save, running Roode off. Bobby was incensed, demanding to know who the hell he was. Kassius told Bobby that he knew very well who he is and he’s coming for that title. The champ was fine with that, suggesting they have a title match right now.

Ohno made the mistake of turning his back to the Glorious One. This allowed Bobby to go after Kassius’ leg as well. But Ohno fought back, nailed some of his signature elbows and held the ring.

Kassius Ohno is back and he’s coming for Bobby Roode!

Who else is pumped?

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