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Ricochet’s Lucha Underground contract is up and he’s a free agent

Thursday’s Rude Awakening includes Ricochet’s plans, Seth Rollins’ injury, and the Royal Rumble by the numbers.

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Ricochet is an international wrestling star. You might know him from the indies, you might know him from his work on Lucha Underground as Prince Puma, you might know him from his much-publicized match against Will Ospreay from 2016 in New Japan, or maybe you could Ricochet from all of the above. If you know of him, there is a pretty good chance you’ve hoped he would sign with WWE so he could be on your television with ease every week. Nothing is guaranteed, of course, but he’s now one step closer to that, as he revealed in an interview that his contract with Lucha Underground is up.

Ricochet still has to deal with a non-compete clause until season 3 of Lucha Underground is over, and since the show is on hiatus and coming back in the summer, that means he might not actually be able to sign with someone like WWE until late in 2017. The good news is that he’s interested in doing that very thing — assuming he can check off a few more boxes on his list before he has to “abide by their schedule.” The biggest ticket item seems to be winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight, as Ricochet says he wants that championship more than “any other title in wrestling right now.”

So, Ricochet isn’t going to end up in WWE right away, but the contract that kept him from working elsewhere is at its end. Once his non-compete is up, he can work with Ring of Honor if he still wants to, or he can head over to WWE, so long as he’s accomplished what he wants to in Japan and elsewhere first. As Ricochet is 28 years old, he’s not exactly an older free agent, especially not by WWE standards. He can afford to wait and do what he wants to before settling in with Vince McMahon’s company. And hey, maybe by then, 205 Live will be something he’d enjoy going on. Who wants to see Neville vs. Ricochet in a cruiserweight classic?

Don’t worry, I’d rather see them fighting for the Universal Championship, too.

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