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Kendall Jenner might be nWo for life

Thursday’s Rude Awakening includes Kendall Jenner’s Wolfpac-themed fashion choices, the history of Wrestling Society X, and where Lana’s character came from.


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Well here’s a story you probably weren’t expecting to read about: model and Keeping Up with the Kardashians star Kendall Jenner wore an nWo Wolfpac shirt during a Michael Kors fashion show, and then donned the shirt once again after the event was over. nWo shirts have been popping up again in the world lately, thanks to society’s reliable love of all things retro combined with the incessant march of time that puts the WCW stable right in the sweet spot for nostalgia and reuse. Aziz Ansari recently repped the Wolfpac on Saturday Night Live — with WWE even putting a story up on their site to mark it — and now Kendall Jenner is out here making it a fashion statement. Hey, if you’ve still got an nWo shirt lying around, they’re what the cool kids are wearing these days.

The nWo itself is into it. Kevin Nash said she’s “rocking the red and black” in a post on Twitter, while Konnan went a step further and invited her to join the nWo. Of course, not everyone is excited that Jenner is wearing it, because wrestling fans — like fans anywhere else — need to play gatekeeper and are upset that Kendall Jenner is wearing this shirt when there is a chance she might not know anything about the nWo. The truth, though, is that you don’t know if she does like wrestling, if she’s familiar with the nWo, or if she just likes the way the shirt looks. And, more importantly, it doesn’t matter which it is! If she digs the shirt, cool. If she’s secretly waking up early to watch New Japan matches before her work day begins, great! If her only knowledge of Kevin Nash is that he’s in the Magic Mike movies, what does it matter? Let the woman wear a shirt.

Who knows? Maybe someone with little exposure to wrestling who is a huge Kendall Jenner fan will see the shirt and wonder what its origins are, opening up a whole new world of entertainment. Just think: a few months from now, after signing up for a WWE Network subscription and going back to watch the nWo in action, that Jenner fan will be furious about all of the same terrible booking decisions we are.

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