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The Kim Kardashian/Bret Hart internet beef you always wanted is almost here!

It’s been a while since Canadian hip-hop aficionado (and wrestling royalty, WWE Hall of Famer, blah blah blah) Bret Hart waded into the pop culture waters with a timely reference, hashtag or meme.

Maybe it’s because the irony of a guy he considers to be a dangerous worker injuring another guy he considers to be a dangerous worker has stunned him into silence when it comes to critiquing WWE. Or maybe it’s just that the queen of ‘reality’ entertainment wearing mirrored wrap-around shades and a black leather jacket was too good an opportunity for the Hitman - or anyone, really - to pass up.

So when Keeping up with the Kardashians star Kim Kardashian West was photographed in an ensemble that, but for a lack of pink, could of been swiped from mid-90s Hart’s luggage, Bret had to get in a playful jab:

Love that Bret put his social media team to work for a Twitter slideshow, because one side-by-side comparison wasn’t enough to make his point.

Anyway... who you got, Cagesiders? Kim is a very attractive person and fashion icon. But I’m still going with Bret - the Excellence of Execution wasn’t just about wrestling, it was a way of life.

H/T: With Spandex and our old pal Bill

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