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WWE Elimination Chamber 2017: Alexa Bliss vs. Naomi full match preview

Naomi, contrary to what Alexa Bliss has to say, is not nobody.

But she is, with one exception, the longest-tenured woman on the WWE roster who hasn't held either the old Divas Championship or one of the new Women's Championships. Only Rosa Mendes has been around longer without a title win, let that one sink in for a minute.

A long time coming

To be fair, she's had a bit of a rocky road to even be here. She made her main roster debut alongside Cameron as one of the Funkasaurus's Funkadactyls, and neither Brodus Clay nor her former partner are with the company today. Naomi is, verily, the last daughter of Planet Funk, and that's a hard row to hoe.

You add in a few injuries and being sidetracked for a while valeting for her husband Jimmy Uso and his brother, and it's understandable that she hasn't reached the top of the mountain yet. On the other hand, she's had plenty of chances to try and win the pink or blue belts, with ten televised title shots (six of them singles matches) in a little over four years.

Alexa meanwhile, won the SmackDown Women's Championship in only her third shot (two of them singles matches), and arguably would have won in her first opportunity if the referee had noticed her foot being under the ropes. Combine that with her 2-1 record over Naomi in singles action, and, well, her dismissive attitude almost makes sense. Almost.

But Naomi has, well, glowed with a new fire these last couple weeks, and it ain't just the blacklight during her entrance. Her time off has focused her, both in the ring and on that microphone, and if Bliss doesn't take the time to prepare a winning strategy, there's every chance she gets snatched bald.

Of snatching weaves and stylistic differences

The match itself, of course, should be a classic David and Goliath affair.

No, really! Alexa may be five feet of fury but at her best, she handles herself like a superheavyweight, having more in common with the likes of Mark Henry and Akira Taue than her stature would suggest. Chokeslams and giant steps are the order of the day, and while the Queen of Hoss Style has fallen away from the style a bit since moving to the main roster, it's something Naomi will have to look out for.

Naomi, for her part, thrives on her athleticism. Never the smoothest hand in the ring, she's nonetheless got an arsenal of flips and tricks from her wicked headscissors driver, to her split-legged moonsault and, yes (sigh) the Rear View. Should the World's Strongest Pixie forsake her internal immensity and try to fight fire with fire, that could lead to Naomi having the proverbial home court advantage.

Will it be an amazing night for the SmackDown Women's Championship, or will the Wicked Witch rule over the land for weeks to come?


Who will win?

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