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Lucha Underground debuts on Netflix Feb. 15

Lucha Underground

Seeing as it airs on a niche channel in El Rey, fans of Lucha Underground have long pointed to availability through a major streaming service as important for growing the promotion’s audience.

In a couple of weeks, that may finally happen. Court Bauer broke the news on MLW Radio that Lucha Underground seasons one and two will debut on Netflix on Wednesday, February 15.

Furthermore, PWInsider reports there’s been talk of the series leaving El Rey and becoming a Netflix original. It would be the service’s first pro wrestling/sports entertainment venture (even if they just air past seasons, that will be true).

El Rey presented LU as central to their plans at the Television Critics Association gathering in January, but it was mentioned in reports as an “unscripted series” that was part of the channel’s shift away from the grindhouse offerings creator Robert Rodriguez is known for and toward “lifestyle programming” - which demonstrates a pretty fundamental misunderstanding of what the show even is.

The season three hiatus the show is currently on, with new episodes on hold until an unconfirmed “Summer 2017” date (although earlier today, the company’s Facebook page posted a graphic of “5/31/17” which is likely the return date), is also a curious move if the network is 100% behind the show.

At least while we wait for an indication of the promotion’s future - including oft-promised live shows - we’ll be able to watch the 39 episodes of season one and 26 of season two on Netflix.

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