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What if Triple H is finished wrestling?

Wednesday’s Rude Awakening includes Triple H’s in-ring career, a big night on SmackDown, and Sasha Banks maybe getting bossy again.

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Triple H vs. Seth Rollins is the match we’ve been assuming is happening at WrestleMania 33. What if that’s not the case, though? What if this Rollins feud is being used for something a little larger, a little more long-term, and Samoa Joe isn’t just a roadblock for Rollins to overcome at Fastlane en route to a Mania showdown with Seth’s former mentor? It’s not that ridiculous of a thought, considering Triple H’s current on-screen character is saying that he’s trying to avoid being the violent wrestler he’s been known to be at the same time that WWE executive Triple H is telling the media it’s been a tough balance of in-ring life and running shows.

What if Samoa Joe is going to be the first of a stable of NXT wrestlers who do Aitch’s dirty work for him? (I’d love to take credit for this idea, but it’s not my own.) Triple H could go about his business, keep his suit and tie on, and be the strategic leader of the group while guys like Joe run around wrecking whomever or whatever needs wrecking. Think of it like a corporate-approved Nexus, except without like 19 dudes for John Cena to overcome by himself. Joe taking down Rollins at first, with new members being added that continue to harass him while evolving the story, sure seems like a way to build up both a dominant heel stable and force Rollins to find himself some friends. Or get in touch with old ones.

You just can’t escape that Shield fantasy booking when Rollins is involved, you know. But if Triple H puts Samoa Joe with a couple of other NXT heels like The Revival or Authors of Pain to flesh out a stable, and SummerSlam rolls around uniting RAW and SmackDown just in time for Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose to side with Rollins in a six-man... well, you wouldn’t hate that one bit, would you? It doesn’t have to go this route, either: the key here is really just that Aitch might very well be putting a stop to, or severely limiting, his in-ring appearances. And having a proxy stable he can run from afar seems like the next-best thing, especially since it puts someone like Joe at the forefront out of the gate while also elevating a couple of newer guys, setting them up for a successful future on the main roster.

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