Shootin' Da Breeze, Episode 25: "Let's Take A Stab At The Christmas Dinner"

Hey folks, Mister Doctor Senju here, your lovely host for the podcast. Saturday has arrived yet again, and once again Shootin' Da Breeze comes forth with another podcast episode with me and my host and partner in the pod, TakersMinion, ready able and willing to run off with this week's episode.

So how was Clash of Champions? You bet your ass we're going to talk about Clash of Champions! How was the show that we set the bar pretty low on expectations, lower than Great Balls of Fire, which we actually had ourselves quite the entertainment package there? Well, that is one thing we will talk about aside from the weekly dosage of Raw, Smackdown, NXT and the sorts.

It's going to be another clash as well, this time of minds, as we sit down and talk, yet again, about where our lines are drawn on the suspension of disbelief about the sport of wrestling as well. Plus, lots to talk about, Taker has a new computer, and now I feel like the floodgates has been opened with the whole new components, what may be the awaited debut of friends in the podcasting business, as well as a lot of opinions and thoughts going in. No bashing, we promise, haha. There will be lots to talk about the world of wrestling and whatnot, more than the wrestling week in the scope, as the old guy and the young dude sit down and talk about it over maybe a few sake and beer.

And if we have not said this, I, on behalf of my cohost, would like to wish all of our friends, listeners and fellow Cagesiders a very Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Yule and whatnot to everyone who's celebrating the season. And if you're not, well, have a very merry week of the December of the last month of the year!

Please! Drop by our show, live, on 11:00 am ET and have a listen to our show, and leave a few comments and opinions about your week of wrestling, and the two guys shall respond to those in kind.

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