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Did WWE miss an opportunity with its women’s Royal Rumble announcement?

Pete and Zach break down the announcement

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Author’s note: Hey. I’m Pete, the new guy here at Cageside Seats. Some of you KC Chiefs fans may also recognize me from Arrowhead Pride. I have joined cSs as a social and web contributor. Also, as part of being here, Cageside will partner with my podcast, “Fourth Wall Wrestling.” Zach Tarrant, the show’s co-host, is the archive coordinator for the Minnesota Vikings and also works as a team photographer. Zach has been credentialed for photography for Wrestlemania XXXI and XXXII and his work has made the cover of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. We’re excited to get started and look forward to talking wrestling with all of you.

Whew. The women are Royal Rumbling for the first time ever. How does everyone feel about it?

Well, on the latest edition of the Fourth Wall Wrestling Podcast, we weighed in on everything—the announcement, the potential format and more.

Catch our conversation below:

Zach Tarrant: “I’ll tell you what, the way this whole thing went down, it made my neck beard scratch a little bit. I got that itchy-neck beard situation going on—that smarky, angry, curmudgeonly internet wrestling fan that’s deep down inside of all of us. I try to fight that urge sometimes, but man, it just bummed me out that they didn’t work this into a story. You know what I mean? All these women are fighting and they just stop, make an announcement, and they’re all happy and cheery and huggy? I think it’s a missed opportunity for making it relevant and putting a couple of the women over even more.”

Pete Sweeney: “It did have that vibe where it was almost like preschool women playing, you know? And then they’re really bad when mom’s around, but all of a sudden grandma is here, so let’s stop fighting each other. But I’m trying to look past the announcement because I’ve noticed across the IWC, a lot of people weren’t happy with how Stephanie McMahon a little bit made it about herself.”

Zach: “Well that’s to be expected, right?”

Pete: “I’m trying to look past that, so regardless of the announcement, I’m really excited for two Royal Rumbles on the same pay-per-view. I’ll be the first to admit, as I was growing up, I was never a huge fan of women’s wrestling. But I have been part of the evolution of where the world is going, and I actually truly, truly enjoy it, and I think it’s going to be really cool having a women’s Royal Rumble.”

Zach: “I agree—I think the top tier of the women’s wrestling in WWE—the in-ring work is just as good if not better than their male counterparts. They are a deep, deep division. Kari Sane, for example, she has hardly gotten any screen time, and she may be the best out of all of them. That insane elbow? Are you kidding me? It’s a deep division, it’s a fun division, and like you said, we get two Royal Rumbles. We shouldn’t be too upset about it.”

Pete: “Yeah, I’m interested in seeing if it’s an exact mimic of the men’s match. I’m interested in seeing if it’s 30 superstars. Really, if you look at the active roster, I believe it’s under 20, so if they go in the direction of 30 superstars, you wonder if a Lita shows up, a Trish Stratus. You wonder how some of these women that we watched in the late ‘90s and early 2000s make an impact. Because there was that one Royal Rumble, and I’m talking about a men’s Royal Rumble (2002), in which Mr. Perfect showed up. And you didn’t really expect a ton from him, but then he was in the final four. And you’re like, ‘Is Mr. Perfect about to win this Royal Rumble?’ It will be interesting to see if some of these women are still in shape, and you don’t have to be in perfect shape. You saw when Booker T and ‘Diesel’ came back, they weren’t in the best shape of their careers, but enough to make the match.”

If you like what you read, you can play the full podcast, which also includes a discussion on Dolph Ziggler’s status and whether the cruiserweight division is working, below, or subscribe to it on iTunes at this link.

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