Does Raw run out of idea to book Alexa Bliss' title feud?

Alexa has became 4 times women champ within this year, January to April 2 excluding Naomi’s 9 days SD women title run, April 30 to current date excluding Sasha’s 8 days Raw women title run, Alexa will have around 11 months title run in this year.

Alexa completely dominated Bayley in entire feud, from winning title at Bayley's hometown, disastrous "This Is You Life, Bayley" segment to "Kendo Stick on the Pole" match.

Though Alexa lost the title to Sasha at Summerslam, she won back 8 days later on Raw, fulfill her words that Sasha unable to defend her title successfully.

Alexa also wins the feud against Mickie, with insulted her age and retained successfully twice.

Now who's next to feud with Alexa after she won the feuds against Sasha, Bayley and Mickie? They didn't let Asuka feud with Alexa for now, probably because it will book themselves into a corner, either Asuka loses and fails to dethrone Alexa or Asuka wins the title too soon on main roster before she's fully connected with main roster fans could be lose-lose situation.

When Paige returns to Raw after more than 1 year absence, she brought in Mandy and Sonya to form The Absolution, other than assaulting Alexa backstage once, all they did was going after Sasha, Bayley and Mickie, Paige never mentioned that she wanted Alexa's title, thus Alexa's title is more or less irrelevant on Raw Women's division.

Now it's not a right time to turn Alexa face to feud with heel Paige. It also won't fit to let Alexa feud with Paige with Mandy and Sonya alone, are they going to let Nia at Alexa's corner, but what about Sasha, Bayley and Mickie, not putting them into one segment to make it another multi women clusterfuck. Make it Alexa (w/ Nia) vs Paige (w/ Mandy & Sonya) vs Sasha (w/ Bayley & Mickie), or even worse Alexa vs Nia vs Paige vs Sasha vs Bayley vs Mickie in 6 Pack Challenge.

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