Keeping Up With The Kayfabe - A wrestling podcast, but fun! Episode 31 - It's a Rusev Day, yes it is!

Finn Balor isn’t over, and neither is this podcast! We’ve been gone for a month but that won’t stop us from having thoughts on all the latest goings on around World Wrestling Entertainment. The Hype Bros would’ve wanted us to carry on, after all.

From all the #YepMovement drama on Smackdown Live to Jason Jordan still being a whiny little shit on Monday Night Raw, there’s plenty for us to be getting on with – even if Kane is seriously booked for a main event in the year of our Lord 2018. We’ll also be pitching potential teams for the Mixed Match Classic, potential winners for BOTH Royal Rumbles, and potential opponents for Daniel Bryan because fuck you, that’s why.

Let's. Do. This?

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Suggested talking points: The Marine 6, LARIATOOOOOO, Ryjack, Mark for Creative, Moho, TV Title, the whole Twelve Days of Rusev, Training Day, Hammertime Brothers, The Detention, Daniel Bryan hates game meat, Babyface Gryffindors, the Women’s Stepholution, Nia’s Crush, Dana’s got balls, SAY YEEEEAH, Dirty Dean, The Intercontinental Championship Closed Challenge, supply teacher Joe, Finn’s not over (the top rope), IRS Junior, The Blisstourage, Wrestival, Keeping Up With The J-Fabe.

The Daniel Bryan Award for Beard of the Week nominees: Roman Reigns (c), Elias, Rusev, Aleister Black.

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