Dolph Ziggler: Grand Slam Champion?

So after watching Clash of Champions I was struck by the thought that US Title completed the Grand Slam for Dolph. (spoiler: it doesn't, this is his 2nd reign). So as I looked around various sites I noticed his name is never included on the lists. Yet he has held the World, IC, US, and Tag titles.

He won the World Tag Titles as part of the Spirit Squad on 3 Apr 06.

He won the IC title on 6 Aug 10.

He was awarded the World Heavyweight Championship on 14 Feb 11, he later won it a second time on 8 Apr 13.

He won the US title on 19 Jun 11.

So my question is why isn't he recognized as a GS Champion? The only two reasons I can think of are the World/WWE title split or his time as Nicky. One possibility is that they don't count his World Title reign as a substitute for the WWE title, but that seems absurd. The other explanation is that they count Nicky as a separate person from Dolph, meaning Dolph meds a tag run. Yet they ran a whole program with Dolph teasing on the fact that he was a former member of the Spirit Squad.

What's your verdict, should Dolph be recognized as a Grand Slam Champion?

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