The Nightly: December 18th, 2017

Hello Nightly!!!

So what did the Knights Of The Nightly think about Raw tonight? I thought it was pretty good for the most part. I’d be lying if I said I was looking forward to Brock/Braun/Kane at the Rumble though. Honestly, I can’t believe Kane is going to be in a world title match in 2018, lol. The whole Shield/Jordan/Joe/Bar saga was interesting. Wonder if Ambrose is legit injured. Seemed like he was getting written off tonight. Elias constantly getting interrupted was hilarious. The women’s match barely got any time, so it was a bit disappointing. The Women’s Royal Rumble announcement was cool, but the execution of it was terrible. There was no reason for Stephanie to be the one to do it, and the women all celebrating just moments after trying to beat each other up was unintentionally hilarious. They should have had Angle come out and announce it after Absolution beat everybody up.

On to the Nightly.

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