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UFC fighters’ response to a clip of The Young Bucks at Final Battle has re-started the ‘killing the business’ debate

A sequence from the Six-Man tag championship match at Ring of Honor (ROH) Final Battle between The Hung Bucks (Bullet Club’s Young Bucks and Hangman Page) and Flip Gordon, Dragon Lee and Titan made the rounds on Twitter Saturday after the show.

It’s the kind of thing which probably won’t shock you if you watch a lot of ROH, or Bucks matches, or even lucha libre:

But it proved jarring for UFC Heavyweight Chase Sherman, who tweeted the clip with the comment “Grown men watch this”. ROH wrestlers responded with shots at Sherman’s lack of fame, starting with The Bucks’ Nick Jackson, and we were off!

It did inspire a slightly more reasoned debate on whether these kinds of over-the-top spots push the suspension of disbelief required of wrestling audiences too far and have a detrimental effect on the business as a whole. That started from UFC light heavyweight champ and pro wrestling fan Daniel Cormier:

And got a response from The Bucks’ kayfabe and business partner Cody Rhodes:

And, unsurprisingly, noted Bucks detractor Jim Cornette chimed in with a response to Rhodes:

As my own kayfabe and business partner Geno Mrosko said before we had a long chat about the topic in the Cageside offices, “it's actually an interesting discussion, if people could have it without wanting to murder each other”.

We managed to do just that, but didn’t come up with any definitive conclusions to an issue that has a lot of facets.

Is business down from past peaks because of guys like The Jacksons “exposing” it, or for other reasons? Do casual fans who’ve stopped watching wrestling even know who The Bucks are? Is adhering to the old way of “protecting the business” the way to get those folks back? Can the kayfabe genie ever be put back in the bottle, or is blurring the lines the best we can hope for when Vince McMahon himself is saying WWE is in the business of “making movies” and acknowledging the whole enterprise is a work?

Discuss... and try not to murder each other, okay?

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