The Nightly December 16th 2017

Sup Nightly!!

Haha sorry about last week I had to pick up my brother from the airport and after he was starving so we went out to eat and I totally forgot lol.

So last week in WWE was fun, Raw was really good again Roman/Cesaro was fucking awesome and I'm all in on Joe/Roman lol. Also I hope its just Braun/Brock for the title lol I love Kane but not today. SD live was good too I love putting Rusev/English in the tag match it should be fun. The Clash of Champions should be fun. Also I'm still loving Jinder/AJ but I will be interested what happens next for both. NXT was fun and weird I watched the show on the USA network and on the WWE Network. It was good to see the large viewership for NXT on the USA but I was confused as to why the Ember/Peyton match wasn't shown. But NXT was still good and I love both matches for the Fatal four way. And I'm always a fan of the Tribute to the Troops and I love it when they go outside its always fun reminds of the first few years and those shows were always fun. And this show was really fun with the tag matches. So I know last week I promised to give my number 3 favorite match in Progress but...


So on to the Nightly!!!

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