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Chris Jericho vows to end Kenny Omega’s career after Wrestle Kingdom 12 press conference brawl

Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho are doing their best to distinguish their IWGP United States championship match at New Japan’s Jan. 4 Tokyo Dome show from the other “co-main event”.

Their efforts went to another level during an attack by Jericho at yesterday’s World Tag League Finals show that Omega called “something you’d see on Monday Night Raw”. The pair followed up today (Dec. 12) at a press conference for Wrestle Kingdom 12 where Kenny assured the media and fans he wasn’t trying to take top billing away from Tetsuya Naito’s attempt to end Kazuchika Okada’s IWGP Heavyweight title reign, but that he was going to deliver a legendary - and different - bout with Y2J.

Then, when Jericho had the microphone and was really laying it on thick with his latest iteration of a cocky heel, Omega flew out of nowhere to return fire. The ensuing brawl (which starts at roughly the 28:50 mark of the video embedded above) saw jackets, punches and tables fly. When the two men were finally separated, “The Alpha” went in on the champ, and the media, and sold the hell out of Jan. 4:

“This is gonna be a match that you have never seen in New Japan. This is not about five stars, seven stars, it’s not about how many times you can go for your finishing move... this is a fight, it’s a war, it’s Alpha vs. Omega, and Kenny - you are gonna get the $#!+ kicked out of you. You understand me? Huh? You get it? Huh?

I’ve been in Japan 60 times. This match at the Toyko Dome is the most important match I’ve ever had in Japan. What are you laughing at f***face (points to someone in the back of the room)? Shut your mouth.

I am the best in the world. I am the greatest of all time. And I’m gonna prove it, Jan. 4th at the Tokyo Dome. We’ll see you there. Don’t miss this match, cause you’ll never see it again in New Japan. Ever. Dream match, Alpha vs. Omega, one time only, Tokyo Dome, Jan 4th.

Kenny Omega, it’s time for The Cleaner... it’s time for The Cleaner’s career to be done. Jan 4th will be Kenny Omega’s last match at the Tokyo Dome, it will be Kenny Omega’s last match in New Japan. Write that. Write that down Fumi Saito. His last match. Ever. Kenny Omega’s finished in Japan.”

We spent a bunch of time wondering about Kenny’s future after Wrestle Kingdom this past January, and it looks like these guys might be trying to play with that idea here - in addition to upping the personal animosity beyond levels New Japan fans are used to.

How’s it working for you so far?

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