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Roman Reigns is back on Twitter, and the build to Shield/New Day has begun

In their promotion for next Monday’s Survivor Series ‘go home’ edition of Raw, WWE was a little more clear yesterday about the status of Roman Reigns than they’d been before:

According to the latest from PWInsider, there’s still no confirmation on whether Reigns will be fully cleared to compete at Survivor Series on Nov. 19, which is probably why the site reports WWE is going ahead with plans for The Shield vs. The New Day in Houston - they can do it two-on-two or three-on-three depending on his availability. Most fans who saw Xavier Woods, Big E and Kofi Kingston show up on Nov. 6 in Manchester and indirectly cost Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins their Raw tag titles figured this was the direction things were headed in, with The Big Dog being the x-factor.

Or should I say The Mid-Dog, Reggie Reigns. This Twitter exchange between Roman and E from last night and this morning is probably tacit confirmation...

And pretty darn funny, as not-Tall-at-all E is not only feuding as much with a Roman superfan as Reigns himself, but using weed culture terminology to do it:

Anyone else down for The Hounds vs. The P.O.P.?

I do worry about poor Seth... they’re tearing him apart! Oh well, that’s what happens to traitors.

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