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Sami Callihan debuts for Impact Wrestling at Bound For Glory 2017

Impact Wrestling

Impact Tag Team Champions oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) came into Bound For Glory 2017 at a distinct disadvantage, defending the titles as they were in a 5150 Street Fight, the rules of which pit them against the entirety of the new LAX. But the Crist brothers have as many friends as they do tag team names, and they brought Sami Callihan with them.

Sami was initially teased in a quick video shown before the match of a man beating an unnamed member of LAX (later speculated by commentary to be Homicide) down with a steel pipe before giving Callihan’s trademark thumbs up, thumbs down taunt to the camera.

The match progressed without Callihan’s presence at first, Konnan directing Ortiz and Santana in taking oVe apart, including a running powerbomb off the ramp through a table for Jake and a diving splash off some scaffolding for Dave. Jake did his best to fight valiantly, but three-on-one is a tough row for anyone to hoe and he barely made it until his brother could recover for the save.

Fortunately for the Crist boys, it wasn’t too long before Sami made the save, blowing powder in Konna’s eyes and powerbombing Ortiz through a table for the win.

After the match, the three Ohio lads put boots to LAX a bit more for good measure before Callihan got on the mic to declare that they are oVe.

There you have it, folks

Excited to see Sami Callihan in a six-sided Impact Wrestling ring, Cagesiders?

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