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The Bullet Club is even coming after Total Divas now

Wrestling fans might now know it, but the Bellas Twins-driven Total series aren’t the only shows on E! And starting on January 3, 2018, Total Divas and Total Bellas won’t even be the only reality shows on the network featuring wrestlers.

Sure, Barbie “Kelly Kelly” Blank has been featured on WAGS for a couple years now, but with the franchise (which is titled with an acronym from “Wives and Girlfriends” British tabloids coined for partners and romantic interests of football/soccer players) expanding to more cities, it’s also adding someone who is currently working in the business.

From US Weekly’s rollout for the new show, WAGS Atlanta:

Tony Kelly/ E! Entertainment

Brandi Rhodes

Brandi is the wife of wrestling star Cody Rhodes and the daughter-in-law of the late Dusty Rhodes. She’s also a former wrestling announcer and pro wrestler herself, but struggles to find a balance between her personal and professional life.

Rhodes, who worked for WWE as ring announcer Eden and whose real last name, like her husband and his family’s, is Runnels, is currently wrestling on the occassions Ring of Honor (ROH) features women. According to Wrestling Observer, that company is cooperating with E! on the series. Considering a New Japan representative sent a heads up to Cageside Seats about the US article, they could be as well.

So, appearances by the current ROH World champ seem likely. What about other Bullet Club members? Could we get a crossover episode with Being The Elite?

If The Young Bucks show up outside John Cena’s mansion in a stretch Hummer, I’m retiring.

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