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WWE Starrcade won’t be on TV, but you can stream the show it’s competing against

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Wrestlecade’s Instagram

One of the reasons WWE reportedly brought the Starrcade name out of mothballs was in order to help sell tickets. Saturday, Nov. 25 is not only a holiday weekend, but the company was also faced with another big independent wrestling show going on just down the road from their house show in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Accordingly, there seem to have never been plans for the event to show up on WWE Network. But its competitor, Wrestlecade’s Supershow in Winston-Salem, will stream on for $14.99.

It’s a wild sounding show with a lot of familiar names, and what should be a bad-ass women’s match. Here’s the card:

- Spirit Squad vs. The Heatseekers vs. The Boys vs. Extreme Horsemen
- Carlito vs. Billy Gunn
- Luke Hawx vs. Zane Dawson vs. Tommy Dreamer
- PJ Black, Willie Mack, Jason Kincaid vs. Caleb Konley, Super Crazy, Juventud Guerrera
- Jerry “The King” Lawler vs. George South
- America’s Top Team (Lashley and King Mo) vs. Veterans of War (Wilcox and Mayweather)
- Amber O’Neal vs. Jungle Grrrl
- Josh “The Goods” Woods vs. Dan Severn (with Jim Cornette)
- Top Rope Belts Battle Royal
- Joey Mercury vs. Ryback
- Ivelisse vs. Taya Valkyrie in a No DQ Match
- Impact champion Eli Drake vs. Jack Swagger (with Dutch Mantell and Catalina Swagger) vs. Johnny Impact

So don’t be too bummed you won’t be able to see The Club vs. Rock ‘n’ Roll Express... at least you can watch Carlito, Ryback and the rest of this piece of pro wrestling madness to tide you over until new sports entertainment comes your way on Monday night!

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