WWE Quick Fire A-Z


I thought this would be a fun way to get peoples thoughts in a short and snappy way about every male superstar on the WWE main roster both as singles competitors and tag teams. I thought I'd keep it at just 1 sentence to keep it concise and to the point. No doubt this will spark a varied debate below, however guys and gals remember to just keep it to 1 sentence.....

Ascension - Showed the depth to what they can both do character-wise featuring in the Fashion Files features.

Aiden English - Acting as Rusev's mouthpiece/tag team partner has saved him from being future endeavored - for now.

AJ Styles - The only 1 who was once in TNA who WWE are wholeheartedly behind, can see they're building him to be a future WWE Hall Of Famer.

Akira Tozawa - Should've remained as part of Titus Worldwide for longer than he did.

Apollo Crews - Perhaps the most technically gifted of any WWE superstar but it has been put to waste.

Ariya Daivari - His older brother had more heat.

Bar - Their physical styles combined give us something different to whats already on offer in the tag team division.

Baron Corbin - Doesn't get the credit he deserves and could legitimately be 1 of the biggest bad guys heels in WWE if given the chance.

Big Cass - Could be the next Edge once he returns from injury and is given an effective push.

Big Show - People have repeatedly called for his retirement but to this day still shows he's the best big guy to be able to work an exciting match with a fellow big guy and properly get them over.

Bludgeon Brothers - Put on the kind of exciting tag team matches they had with The Shield back in 2013 and people will soon overlook this repackaged, silly gimmick.

Bo Dallas - Probably should've been allowed to be part of his brothers motley crew from the beginning.

Bobby Roode - A real throwback who would only thrive and get progress if given a lengthy run with the WWE Championship.

Braun Strowman - Should be Universal Champion and being positioned as the most unstoppable, unbeatable force WWE has ever seen.

Bray Wyatt - Character has lost all believability and legitimacy with the only saving grace now being sister Abigail appearing in person.

Breezango - Always leave me looking forward to the next Fashion Files which has become a real guilty pleasure.

Brock Lesnar - The true attraction the top Champion in a company should be.

Cedric Alexander - Is better positioned teaming with Rich Swann going forward.

Chris Jericho - Got his match in New Japan with Mr Omega, but can't wait for him and his list to come back ASAP to WWE television.

Colons - Bring back Carlito to join them and they'd be a real force to be reckoned with on Smackdown.

Curt Hawkins - The only thing worth doing with him now is repairing him with Zack Ryder who were by and large an acceptable tag team once upon a time.

Curtis Axel - Just waiting for him to break free from the shackles of the Miztourage for 1 hell of a babyface push.

Dolph Ziggler - Banging his head against a brick wall as afar as his WWE career goes and should leave WWE to fulfill his abundant wrestling ability and other career interests.

Drew Gulak - If Enzo is cheese then Gulak is the chalk in this odd couple that is surprisingly entertaining and looking like working.

Elias - Make him a 21st century take on Honky Tonk Man and he could be Raw's best mid-card heel going forward.

Enzo Amore - Reminds me at times of Chris Jericho when he had heat in WCW as Cruiserweight Champion.

Finn Balor - Glad his abysmal program with Bray Wyatt is over and now rightfully deserves another shot at the Universal Title after his run was cut short last year.

Gable & Benjamin - Great experience for the time being for Gable to tag with someone like Shelton Benjamin but a heel turn may not be too far around the corner me thinks.

Gallows & Anderson - Any heat they had coming into WWE has gone and unfortunately the moment has passed with these 2 to give them the proper push they deserved.

Gentleman Jack Gallagher - Leave him off the mic and just let his wrestling do the talking.

Goldust - Deserves more of a push as he seems to get better with age which is a rare thing in the world of wrestling.

Gran Metalik - So frustrating that he's so underutilized on the Cruiserweight roster as arguably he's the true King Of The Cruiserweights.

Hardy Boyz - Jeff is currently physically broken, but when he returns its time to delete this nostalgia act tag and unleash both of their broken characters upon WWE.

Heath Slater & Rhyno - I feel Rhyno has 1 last run left in him which could see him turn heel and allow Slater to finally get a deserved babyface run on Raw.

Hype Bros - 1 needs to turn on the other ASAP, however I feel Ryder should perhaps look at leaving for the Indy's as I feel he'd be lapped up there and Mojo could potentially be the next Ultimate Warrior given the right repackaging.

Jason Jordan - Could his inevitable heel turn reveal he isn't actually Kurt Angle's son like we all knew all along?

Jinder Mahal - His reign as WWE Champion this year has been harshly discredited.

John Cena - It's bad enough that he equaled Ric Flair's record, but please don't make it 17 World Championships anytime soon.

Kalisto - Would've been better staying paired with Sin Cara in the long run.

Kane - Still love to see him come back causing all kinds of sadistic destruction on Raw every once in a while and arguably is great at getting younger talent over.

Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn - Owens career is in a rut, however Zayn's recent heel turn has in many ways given him a new direction and a new lease of life in WWE.

Kurt Angle - Still get chills everytime his entrance music hits.

Lince Dorado - Both him & Gran Metalik would've been more suited to WCW's Cruiserweight Division in it's inception in the mid-90's.

Mark Henry - Surely the Hall Of Pain can open it's doors for 1 last run?

Mike Kanellis - Never a good sign when your valet is more popular than you, just ask Marc Mero.

Miz - Gave the Intercontinental Title some much needed credibility again during this most recent, lengthy reign.

Mustafa Ali - I feel he out of all the Cruiserweight's is potentially the 1 to push up and perhaps make a challenge for the Intercontinental Title in time.

Neville - Is it a matter of if, or a matter of when he returns?

New Day - Don't know where they are going for the time being apart from filling time on Smackdown and pouring cereal in fans faces.

Noam Dar - Adds nothing to the Cruiserweight Division and doesn't deserve the TV time he's quite frequently afforded.

Revival - Once they come back and get on a momentous run they will be the best tag team in WWE for the next few years.

R-Truth - Missing in action is whats up.

Randy Orton - Needs to regain that intensity and psychotic side that would punt an opponents head off at the drop of a hat.

Rich Swann - His recent tagging with Cedric Alexander as well as other teams forming on 205 Live makes me believe Cruiserweight Tag Team Titles should be created.

Rusev - Should be the biggest bad ass heel in WWE but backstage heat and the constant burial of his character has quashed any hope of him ever dominating anything but his Ravishing Russian wife.

Samoa Joe - 1 of the most over guys on Raw right now but his talents and popularity are just being wasted it unfortunately seems.

Singh Brothers - Perfect foil for Jinder Mahal acting as his hired lackeys who in time could also be candidates for a Cruiserweight Tag Team Title scene.

Shane McMahon - How many 47 years olds do you know who would jump off the Hell In A Cell?

Shield - Eventually and before Wrestlemania, 1 of them is going to turn on the other 2 once again just like Seth did back in 2014.

Shinsuke Nakamura - They need to capitalise on this Great Kabuki throwback in order to use his momentum and popularity to make him the top star he deserves to be in WWE.

Sin Cara - See Kalisto

The Brian Kendrick - Nevermind Enzo, Kendrick's the real deal heel on 205 Live.

Titus O'Neil - At first I was sceptical about him as a manager but as time has gone on I feel he fits the management role better than just being in a jobber role.

TJP - Will never recoup the momentum or run he had when he was the inaugural Cruiserweight Champion.

Tony Nese - Should've thrown his hat into the ring for the 'ab off' between HBK & Johnny Gargano.

Triple H - Inevitably heading for a Wrestlemania match with Kurt Angle and is doing a grand job running NXT which he doesn't get enough credit for.

Tye Dillinger - Is as over as anyone on Smackdown but is rarely seen unfortunately as I feel he could be a real asset to the mid card on the blue brand.

Undertaker - From what Jerry Lawler said on his podcast this week Taker looks in incredible shape and could be ready for an in ring return in the not too distant future, here's hoping!

Uso's - This new found character and gimmick in the last 18 months has only helped their promos and in ring work making them looking even more credible as tag team Champions.

So there we have it. Have a go with some or even all of the roster yourself and lets get peoples quick fire reactions to the superstars of Raw & Smackdown.

Thankyou for reading and see you on the next one!

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