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All indie shows should come with their own dentist

On Friday night in Carmel, Indiana, former TNA tag champ Robbie E got his face messed up during a Triple Threat match at an independent wrestling show. I can’t find many details on how exactly it happened, but the aftermath is definitely comparable to when Cesaro went upper jaw first onto a ring post...

As fate (or possibly some other metaphysical force, as this was at a show hosted by the Wrestling Theology Fellowship) would have it, a local cosmetic dentist was attending the show. Dr. Moore opened up his practice in the middle of the night for some emergency surgery, and Robbie was not only ready to make his bookings in Cleveland and Chicago the rest of the weekend, but he looked good enough to shoot an episode of his “Dad Bod Destroyer” series for Muscle & Fitness!

This story actually has more than one happy outcome, too. Not only was Robbie quickly back in business, Dr. Moore has a lifetime pass to any House of Hardcore show, courtesy of Tommy Dreamer. And seeing as Road Dogg got in on celebrating this on Twitter, he might get comped into Raw or SmackDown next time WWE is town, too!

Good stuff.

Well, not the broken nose and teeth part, but everything else.

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