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Lucha Underground recap & reactions (Oct. 4, 2017): Mask vs Hair

Lucha Underground returned (Oct. 4) from the Temple of Boyle Heights with the second installment of the four week Ultima Lucha Tres. The Unique Opportunity Battle Royal, Ivelisse vs Catrina, and Fenix vs Marty Martinez in mask vs hair were the fights for the evening. Let’s lucha!

Jeremiah Crane dumped Ivelisse, so she kicked him into the dumper

We enter with a scene in the bathroom, where all important matters go down in Lucha Underground. Ivelisse is arguing in Spanish with Jeremiah Crane, who has no clue what she's saying. It seems that Crane just broke up with Ivelisse. He reveals that he loves Catrina. Ivelisse proclaims that she doesn't need any man. After she beats Catrina's booty tonight, she'll be returning to do the same to Crane. I'm fairly certain she threatened to beat him up, but who knows. Perhaps they have something kinky going on.

On Ivelisse's way out, Crane calls her a bitch. Angry face by Ivelisse is met with laughter from Crane. Kapow! Ivelisse kicked him through the bathroom stall door.

Vampiro is wearing a red polo shirt. I'm guessing he spilled taco juice on his first shirt and got the red one from a random dude backstage.

Melissa Santos is wearing short shorts instead of a dress. Could it be foreshadowing of involvement on Fenix's behalf later tonight?

Unique Opportunity Battle Royal

Pimpinela Escarlata received his own separate entrance to animate the crowd. All the others were already in the ring. Participants included Paul London, Saltador, Mala Suerte, Argenis, Cortez Castro, Son of Madness, Vinnie Massaro, Mack, Joey Ryan, Ricky Mundo, PJ Black, and Mascarita Sagrada.

One note about Mack. I previously thought he had a cigar in his mouth pre-match for his past few matches. I think I was wrong. It looked to be that he was chewing on his black mouthpiece. My mistake.

I was going to do a nice listing of the eliminations to provide the flavor of the contest, but that is kind of pointless. The battle royal lasted less than four minutes as luchadores were thrown out with no rhyme, only willy nilly.

Notables include Vinnie Massaro being tossed first, the Rabbit Tribe circle dancing around Son of Madness before his elimination, Paul London pelvic thrusting before Pimpinela's head found its target, Pimpinela eliminating himself on a wrist drag to Argenis, and PJ Black tossing Mascarita out.

Mack and PJ Black were the final two. Mack connected on his only stunner of the match, then hurled Black to the outside.

Dario Cueto exited his office dressed in a tuxedo to announce the unique opportunity. Mack gets a Trios title shot against the Reptile Tribe next week. That was the prize. The twist was that Dario chose Mack's partners, Killshot and Dante Fox. That is an exciting team but not much of a screwjob downside the way Dario has done in the past.

Mack won by eliminating PJ Black.

Well, good for Mack, but that battle royal was whack. It was a fun few minutes, I suppose. However, it had zero flow and no stories within. One minor thing that caught my eye was the Rabbit Tribe appearing to protect Mascarita from Pimpinela, even though they are friends. Was it jealousy or drugged out confusion?

I love the idea of Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox teaming together, assuming Killshot and Fox can get along. Those are three of the most dynamic luchadores in Lucha Underground. They could put on some epic contests in a trios division done right. Forget whoever WWE is planning to battle with the Shield. I want Mack's trio to take on the challenge. That would be a true dream match. Excuse me while I drool. Believe that.

Ivelisse vs Catrina

Catrina was accompanied by Mil Muertes, but he didn't stick around ringside. Her outfit resembled Dr. Frank N. Furter's ensemble from The Rocky Horror Picture Show. It didn't look wrestle friendly. Her top was torn off rather quickly during the match.

Ivelisse ran to the ring to attack with fisticuffs. Short after, Catrina locked herself inside Dario Cueto's office. Ivelisse eventually kicked the door open and was immediately met by a bottle smash to the head. Ivelisse was busted open. A second bottle to her dome. Then a third.

Catrina dragged Ivelisse up the stairs. Then Catrina kissed her and had red all over her mouth. That bloody image was quite a scene.

Matt Iseman from American Ninja Warrior was in the crowd.

The two competitors made it back to the ring after brawling all around the Temple. A spear then double underhook butt slam by Catrina for a two count. Catrina unpacked her special stone. Swing and a miss. With the stone in Ivelisse's possession, she clocked Catrina then slapped on a DDT for the victory.

Ivelisse celebrated afterward. That was until Jeremiah Crane kneecapped her from behind with a hammer. He then attacked her ankle. Catrina scurried to retrieve the stone and fled the scene.

Ivelisse defeated Catrina via DDT.

This bout was not a technical masterpiece in any sense, but it sure was a hoot. Seven minutes of viciousness. Those bottle shots were brutal.

Going into the match, I thought a loss for Catrina wouldn't mesh well with how she has been portrayed thus far. I was wrong. She lost zero luster in my eyes after this losing performance. It was a knock-down, drag-out fight that showed Catrina can be just as violent as the rest of the roster.

I know Ivelisse said earlier that she doesn't need a man, but I was crossing my fingers that Son of Havoc would swoop in for the save from Jeremiah Crane. I'm still hoping those two will end up back together at some point.

Matt Strike and Vampiro ran down the card again. Jumping forward in time, Striker mentioned next week's fights as the episode went off the air; Mack, Killshot, Dante Fox vs the Reptile Tribe for Trios gold, Gift of the Gods ladder match between Son of Havoc and Pentagon DARK, and Sexy Star vs Taya in last luchadora standing.

Mask vs Hair: Fenix vs Marty Martinez

Senior official Marty Elias was looking smooth with some flashy sneakers. It might have put more pep in his step.

Fenix and Moth Marty went at it from the get-go. Marty used his power advantage, while Fenix capitalized on speed. Mariposa made her presence known with early interference leading to a huge belly to belly overhead superplex by her brother. Melissa Santos sat there screaming like a blockhead (Ex. "What are you doing?" and "Noooooo!").

Mariposa didn't hang around very long. Marty pulled her to take the brunt of a flying Fenix attack. Mariposa did not appreciate her brother's actions, so she left after flipping the double bird.

The rest was a back and forth match. Highlights include Marty ripping Fenix's mask and later bloodying him due to an exposed turnbuckle, Vampiro leaving commentary to start Animo chants, Fenix frog splash, and typical awesomeness from Fenix's repertoire.

The end approached when Marty pulled scissors out of his yellow lunchbox. Marty stabbed Fenix in the forehead, or put his fist on Fenix's head to give the impression of stabbing.

Melissa jumped up to the ring apron. Marty reacted by placing the blade across Fenix's throat. To save Fenix's life, Melissa pleaded with Marty to run away together. Marty dropped the scissors then lifted Melissa over the ropes by the neck.

Melissa broke free and power kicked him in the cojones. Fenix connected on a running knee to the back of Marty's head. 360 splash for the win. Melissa humorously jumped on top of the pin for extra weight.

Marty welshed on the bet. He exited up the stairs. Melissa yelled, "Don't be a pussy." Mariposa was waiting in support. Or was she? After a hug, Mariposa pummeled Marty with a chair and handcuffed him to the railing.

Melissa and Fenix chopped off Marty's hair, while Marty tried to bite Fenix like a rabid dog. The clippers were used to shave his head. The lovebirds embraced as the show closed.

Fenix beat Marty Martinez via 360 splash and Melissa-aided pin.

That match was jamming with plenty of cool moves and a dramatic finish. It was nice to see Melissa Santos on top. This feud was primarily between Melissa and Marty. Fenix was there for fighting, but Melissa was the one that deserved to triumph. And that she did.

Chalk up another success in entertainment value for Ultima Lucha Tres. This episode as a whole wasn’t the best showcase for wrestling talent in Lucha Underground, however, it packed a punch in terms of enjoyment. The positive moments far outweigh the negative. It was easy to root for Ivelisse, Melissa Santos, and Fenix winning their battles.

I would have preferred a better battle royal, but it okay as harmless fun. Plus, Pimpinela Escarlata did his thing as a feature attraction. Ivelisse vs Catrina was an intense battle of hatred. It was far more riveting than I could have imagined. Fenix vs Marty Martinez was a high level bout with a satisfying conclusion.

This episode felt like an interesting case study for when blood can be important. Once Ivelisse wore the crimson mask after bottles breaking over her head, it revved up the intensity from zero to sixty in a snap. The visual of blood added a new layer to the story. It also helped take the focus off the inexperienced action in the ring. On the other hand, blood in Fenix vs Marty Martinez did nothing for me. The stakes were already high. Blood felt more like a prop rather than a story element.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Did blood help or hinder? Are you pumped for Mack’s unique opportunity? Opinions about Marty’s new haircut? See you next week for the third helping of Ultima Lucha Tres with a Trios championship match, Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK, and Sexy Star vs Taya.

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