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Bobby Roode squashes Mike Kanellis in 30 seconds, rudely mocked by Dolph Ziggler after


Thanks for playing Mike Kanellis. Riding a wave momentum Bobby Roode was matched-up with Kanellis on Tuesday night’s SmackDown. Looking to prove a point, Roode’s entrance turned out to be longer than his in-ring time with Kanellis.

Punch, grapple, bounce off the ropes and a spine buster was all it took for Roode to continue his main roster winning streak.

Then post-match Dolph Ziggler had to come out and try to rain on Roode’s glorious parade.

High school marching band novelty drum? Check. Leftover July 4th noisemakers? Check. Industrial strength air-horn? Check.

The disrespect is real.

Luckily for Roode fans, the former NXT champion had the perfect retort for Ziggler’s annoyances.

Roode and Ziggler will settle their differences this Sunday at Hell in the Cell live on the WWE Network.

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