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Lio Rush makes light of Emma’s release, gets yelled at by everyone, and then apologizes

In our age of social media, everybody, it seems, has a reaction to everything. Emma's release was no different, and NXT's Lio Rush took to Twitter to comment on the matter and well... he had jokes.

M.O.T.H. on Twitter

It's an obvious joke, and the amusement value of it is definitely subjective, but the timing, well, folks didn't take to a wrestler still in WWE's employ and so low on the proverbial totem pole making a joke about a fellow talent's release.

And boy did he hear it. From former WWE Superstars... current WWE Superstars... independent wrestlers... his own fellow NXT Superstars.

In the end, Lio did post a lengthy apology and, at the urging of Taz, deleted the original.

All’s well that ends well? Well... maybe not, because his apology has drawn a mixed reaction itself.

There you have it, folks

Lio is an incredible wrestler already at the age of 22 to be sure, but it seems as though he has a way to go to learn to navigate social media etiquette and WWE locker room politics.

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