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CM Punk’s coach thinks the beating he took at UFC 203 was actually good for him

UFC 203: Miocic v Overeem Photo by Rey Del Rio/Getty Images

CM Punk is probably going to fight again, despite the fact that his loss at UFC 203, his long professional bout, seemed to make clear he has no business competing in a legitimate combat sport. He got to live out his dream, sure, but Mickey Gall mauled him. What’s there to come back for?

More, I guess.

His coach, Duke Roufus, speaking as a guest on UFC Unfiltered (transcription via MMA Junkie), is now pushing the idea that Punk taking a savage beating was actually a good thing:

“I just think the first time you step in the octagon, there’s something special you’ve got to deal with getting in there. For Punk, this sounds really weird, but now he knows what a beating feels like – a real beating. I think (a loss like Punk’s at UFC 203) will help a lot of fighters to the point of haunting them, like, ‘No, I don’t want to feel this way ever again.’ It’s not the physical. These guys are tough. It’s the mental anguish. You don’t want to feel that depressing, embarrassing feeling of getting beat up in front of God and everyone. It’s no fun. It’s been great motivation for him.”

Not wanting to get embarrassed again and having the ability to avoid said embarrassment are two entirely separate things, and it sure sounds like Punk is going to learn that the hard way. Then again, the UFC has a better idea of his actual skill set now, which means it’s easier to play matchmaker for him.

Roufus also mentioned UFC President Dana White met with his matchmakers recently, and we’ll likely know Punk’s next fight soon enough.

Ready for another one, Cagesiders?

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