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The Bullet Club offer the McMahons a discount on tickets to Ring of Honor’s San Antonio show

San Antonio isn’t #UnderSiege. No, it’s experiencing a Bullet Club invasion, and that includes the Nov. 17 NXT house show.

Okay, Cody, The Young Bucks and Marty Scurll probably won’t show up at The Aztec Theater, but they are responding to WWE adding Shawn Michaels to that show with this online promo. It fires a lot of familiar shots in the direction of Stamford - the cease and desist over the rights to “Too Sweet”, complaining about the use of Dusty Rhodes’ creations, jokes about needing to give away tickets to fill seats and accusing NXT of “piggybacking” on Ring of Honor’s Survival of the Fittest show occurring in San Antonio on that Friday in November.

It does turn the jabs into a funny promotion for ROH’s event. The Bullet Club is offering a 10% discount on tickets to anyone whose last name is McMahon... providing they prove it with a photo ID. Matt Jackson has even confirmed it applies to Vince, Shane, Stephanie, Linda or anyone with that popular Irish surname!

What do you make of this, Cagesiders? (One) Sweet, or trying too hard?