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Impact’s PIZZA reveal ends in a swerve

There has been some big news out there lately in the world of wrestling, but there’s one story that has dominated the news cycle: What would become the official Impact PIZZA?

Likely, you’re already familiar with this major story, but just in case you’ve been off the grid until just now, Impact Wrestling has partnered with Canadian pizza chain Crust & Crate to decide what the official PIZZA of Impact would be.

Impact sent their stars Bobby Lashley and champion Eli Drake to Ottawa to unveil the new PIZZA and the result was....


That’s right, they unveiled two pizzas and fans will vote between November 4 and 10 to decide which it will be. (It’s not yet clear how we vote.)

As seen in the above tweet the options are:

  • The Sriracha Scissor Kick (spicy jerk chicken, roasted corn, black beans, salsa fresca, red onions, jalapeños, sriracha drizzle)
  • The Pulled Pork Piledriver (smokey pulled pork, pickled onions, red chillies, jalapeńo peppers, smoke bacon, BBQ drizzle)

Personally, both pizza are way too busy for my tastes, but if I were to choose, I’d have to go with the piledriver. Honestly, the idea of corn on a pizza weirds me out.

It wasn’t all a smoz, though. There was also an Impact drink promised and that did have a clean finish.

Behold the Atomic Drop, made up of gin, tequila, rum, blue curaçao, 7-Up, and a splash of lime and lemon. There’s a lot of liquor in that bad boy.

Let us know below which of those Impact PIZZAS you’d prefer and if you’d reach for the Atomic Drop when you need to get your drink on.

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