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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres, Part IV recap & reactions (Oct. 18, 2017): Fatal Finale

Lucha Underground returned (Oct. 18) from the Temple of Boyle Heights with the last installment of the four week Ultima Lucha Tres. The card featured El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Matanza in a steel cage, a three-way of Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes, Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo in career vs title, plus a bonus match to finish the night.

Let's do this! I'm so excited.

Steel Cage: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Matanza Cueto

The win can be by pinfall, submission, or escaping the cage.

Ding, ding, ding. The action shot right out of the gate. Azteca charged Matanza, who threw Azteca up onto the top turnbuckle. Azteca hopped to the top of the cage to execute a moonsault. Booyah! Not Buyaka. Rey Mysterio never showed up.

After Azteca's opening flurry, it did not take long for Matanza to catch his prey. Matanza tossed Azteca around for awhile.

And the match is over after about two minutes. Or is it? Azteca was running the ropes only to be met by Matanza for an overhead release belly to belly suplex. The suplex's force caused the cage panel to break as Azteca crashed to the floor. Technically, he escaped the cage, however, Dario Cueto was not having it go down that way. He restarted the match while removing the escape to victory clause.

Matanza pummeled some more until a surprise DDTJ from Azteca. With the monster down, Azteca focused on ripping the clothes off Dario. Hmmm, seems like an odd strategy.

Matanza pretty much battered Azteca for the rest of the bout. I don't think Azteca connected on a successful maneuver at all.

For the finish, we saw a surprise appearance from Black Lotus. She climbed the cage for a flying crossbody onto Azteca. Matanza picked him up for Wrath of the Gods and the win.

After the match, Black Lotus turned on the Cuetos. Matanza was celebrating on the upper turnbuckle. Low blow by Black Lotus and a powerbomb off the turnbuckles. She then harassed Dario and called him a liar. She was referring to way back when Dario told her El Dragon Azteca killed her father. Dario pleaded to be let go so he could tell her something. "You know what? Yes, I'm a liar. I'm a liar," in a smarmy voice. Matanza saved his brother by grabbing Black Lotus for a Wrath of the Gods.

Matanza defeated El Dragon Azteca Jr. via Wrath of the Gods.

Giddy up. A very nice start to the finale of Ultima Lucha Tres. Azteca's cage top moonsault was the first holy moly moment of the evening. It was followed by Azteca being suplexed through the cage and Black Lotus' huge flying crossbody. The prolonged beating did feel a smidge tedious, but the fight delivered overall.

Although the match was entertaining, I don't feel like it resolved anything. Azteca wasn't beaten near to death. He'll have no problem coming back to fight Matanza again in season four. The bad part is that Azteca was pretty much no challenge for Matanza, so I have no desire to see yet another rematch. Azteca is going to need some sort of supernatural power boost to get me invested into a continuation of this feud.

About restarting the fight, I have to agree with Vampiro that Dario did the right thing. Azteca shouldn't complain either. He wants to kill Matanza and Dario gave him more of a chance to do so. It's not Dario's fault that Azteca couldn't capitalize on the opportunity.

Normally, I'm against unsolicited third party interference, but I'll give this one a pass. Matanza was destroying Azteca, so it's not like Black Lotus helped him win. The aftermath was delightful. With the first generation of Black Triad ninja ladies now wrestling elsewhere, I hope Black Lotus brings new recruits for season four. Hopefully they stick around for more than one episode. The Temple could benefit from a change of pace in wrestling styles.

Gauntlet of the Gods three-way: Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes

Jeremiah Crane was doing some coy cool guy waving to Catrina during Mil Muertes entrance.

Dario Cueto changed the rules to elimination style so there is no question as to who should be wearer of the gauntlet. I like that alteration.


These three beat the stuffing out of each other. Mil Muertes had early control with a spear to Cage and a rag doll chokeslam to Crane. More pummeling commenced in all directions.

The first of many whoa moments was Cage flying to the outside followed by Mil Muertes with a top rope elbow drop. Crane was bloody, but I'm not sure why. Other highlights include Mil chokeslamming Crane through a table, tilt-a-whirl headscrissors from Mil, Frankensteiner followed by springboard moonsault by Cage for a two count on Mil.

The most outrageous moment of the evening came next. Crane stabbed the top of Cage's head with wooden skewers. They stuck in Cage's mohawk like a porcupine. Crane also DDT'd Cage with skewers in his head. One of them remained as a trail of blood trickled down from the point of impact.

The insanity continued. Shortly after, Mil Muertes ran into a pane of glass. Cage clobbered Mil with a hammer to the face. Cage superplexed Crane onto a prone Mil as all three crashed through tables. That led to Weapon X on Crane as Cage scored the first elimination.

Cage eliminated Jeremiah Crane via Weapon X.

Two solid minutes of high-powered hossing was to follow. Cage executed a nifty body shifting flying elbow drop. Crane came back for whatever reason. He whacked Cage with a chair then Cage cleaned his clock.

To the finish, Cage was setting up for a discus power punch/lariat, but Mil countered into a Flatliner onto a steel chair. 1, 2, 3. Mil Muertes is winner of the gauntlet.

After the match, another surprise return. KING CUERNO!!!

Dario Cueto presented the gauntlet as a sort of mini ceremony. Catrina brought the gauntlet over to Mil Muertes, who placed it onto his fist. He knelt down to punch the ground in similar fashion to his pre-match pose. Zzzapp. Lights out.

Lights on and King Cuerno was behind Mil Muertes ready to hunt. He kicked Mil in the face then body-slammed Catrina. Cuerno executed his finisher. It has been so long that I don't remember its name. Cuerno exited up the stairway and wore the gauntlet as the Believers cheered feverishly.

Mil Muertes won the Gauntlet of the Gods via Flatliner, but King Cuerno swooped in to steal the gauntlet.

This match definitely lived up to my expectations. Fight of the night. Pure dynamite.

That skewer spot and subsequent DDT was insane. I'm not too familiar with garbagecore, or whatever those super extreme matches are called, so I'm not sure if this has been done several times before. It was new to me and, boy oh boy, did it make quite the impression.

And how about the return of King Cuerno? Heck yeah. As much as I loved his return, I am a little disappointed that we won't get to explore Mil Muertes with the gauntlet or finding out if Catrina and Captain Vasquez follow through and what their plans for the gauntlet would be.

"The Johnny Mundo Story" directed by Taya

Next up was that documentary that we've seen Taya working on all season long. It was mostly Johnny Mundo training, flexing, strutting, and cutting promos. Interviewees included PJ Black, Jack Evans, Ricky Mundo, and Dario Cueto.

If you enjoy Johnny Mundo hamming it up, then you likely enjoyed this four minute documentary. I know I did. “Welcome to Slamtown, bitches.”

Career vs Title: Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo

Prince Puma was back to his original colors. He ditched the black outfit and wrestled in his yellow mask and pants.

Add another great match to the rivalry between Johnny Mundo and Prince Puma. Highlights of the evenly contested first half include a poke to the eyes by Mundo, modified power slam by Puma, shooting star press by Puma after jumping on the ropes, and a cutter followed by standing shooting star by Puma.

Halftime of the match began when Prince Puma accidentally kicked senior official Marty Elias squarely in the face. That allowed Worldwide Underground to run wild. PJ Black and Jack Evans wore matching neon green outfits. The three took turns pounding Puma. Taya forcibly brought referee Rick Knox to count.

1, 2, nooooo. Prince Puma kicked out. Worldwide Underground was upset at Knox's incompetence and beat up him. Black and Mundo were setting Puma up for a conchairto when a tall stringbean got in the ring.


Angelico cleaned house of Worldwide Underground. Rick Knox snapped and executed a flying assault onto Worldwide Underground members.

Prince Puma took advantage with springboard flying knees and a springboard 360 splash. 1, 2, Mundo kicked out! Mundo kicked out! I did not see that coming.

A Kendo stick equipped Ricky Mundo charged right into a superkick from Angelico. Angelico used the Kendo stick to chase Worldwide Underground from the premises.

Back to the second half of singles action. Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo battled for another five minutes. Highlights include Moonlight Drive off the top rope by Mundo and End of the World by Mundo.

The finish came about after Prince Puma got his knees up during another End of the World by Johnny Mundo. A couple of roundhouse kicks and a huge flying knee backed Mundo into the corner. Puma's super shotgun dropkick dropped Mundo in position for Puma's 630 back splash. 1, 2, 3, and new Lucha Underground champion, Prince Puma.

Vampiro gazed on the celebration with a creepy doughboy smile.

Prince Puma defeated Johnny Mundo via 630 back splash to become two-time, two-time Lucha Underground champion.

Oh, Nelly. Another top-notch match. Both competitors gave it their all. Prince Puma's win felt right as a feel-good moment. This encounter probably wasn't their best together, but it was certainly no slouch. I'd have to watch all of them in a row to be sure. Their past matches have been such high quality that there is no shame in not besting them on this evening.

My initial reaction to Worldwide Underground's appearance was dissatisfaction. Oh no, not again? In hindsight, they handled it in the best way possible. It was a given that Worldwide Underground was going to interfere. I viewed it as a fun little intermission. Puma and Mundo fought long enough afterward that the interference didn't play a role in the final outcome. And we had another surprise return of Angelico. That's a plus.

Also, Rick Knox is awesome.

After the championship bout, Dario Cueto exited his office for an announcement. There would be one more match. "Rules are like bones. They are made to be broken." Pentagon DARK cashed in his Gift of the Gods championship. One more thing. It will be career vs career.


Career vs Career Lucha Underground Championship match: Prince Puma vs Pentagon DARK

About a minute into the match, Pentagon DARK snapped Prince Puma's arm. Puma "popped" his arm back into place and taped himself up to continue fighting. What a badass.

This was a full-on match. Pentagon had control most of the time with Puma having a few spurts of offense. The crowd fully turned on Prince Puma by chanting various iterations of Cero Miedo.

After a flipping piledriver and kick, Prince Puma covered for a two count. Prince Puma went up for the 630 back splash...

What the heck?!?

Vampiro pulled Pentagon out of the way. Pentagon slapped on a package piledriver for the... No!!! Prince Puma kicked out.

Matt Striker killed it on commentary. He let out guttural yeahs when Puma kicked out. Then he yelled at Vampiro, "Don't come over here. Don't you dare. I'll let this little kid sit next to me and do commentary."

Unfortunately, Pentagon executed a second package piledriver. This time, Puma did not kick out. Vampiro and Pentagon embraced to celebrate.

Pentagon DARK defeated Prince Puma via package piledriver to become new Lucha Underground champion.

F$%& you, Vampiro. You mother%&#"/() son of a #%¿%. %#"%! &%$! %#&"/! I can't wait for someone to punch him in his big fat jughead. Hey Pentagon, you're a choad. Acting all tough after the match, but you needed help to beat an exhausted one-armed man. Screw you, Believers. How could you turn on Prince Puma like that? How could you chant the goodbye song to Puma then chant your thanks? What a bunch of fickle mush-heads.

Oh, sorry. I got a little carried away there.

I wrote that outburst in jest, but it wasn't that far off from what went through my mind in real time. Credit to the story for sucking me in and making me feel that way.

Final Montage of Supreme Awesomeness

I'm going to break the closing video up by scene to give my thoughts step by step.

Prince Puma is taking the long walk out of the Temple as his Lucha Underground career is over. Puma left his mask behind on the ground.

Prince Puma had a magnificent career in the Temple. Best of luck as you most likely move on to the biggest stage of them all. I like how he left his mask. It leaves an opening for someone to become Prince Puma Jr., or at least take the mantle of leading his tribe.

King Cuerno has the gauntlet encased in glass as its energy surged. He gave the crazy eyes while sitting upon his rich, mahogany chair in his trophy lounge.

Has King Cuerno upped his game to hunting gods? If so, that would be so badass. What was up with the crazy eyes? Was that the result of getting a taste of power when he wore the gauntlet?

Sexy Star was walking the red carpet being photographed. A young girl presented a gift. The girl whispered, "She hasn't forgotten about you." Sexy opened the box and a spider resided inside. Sexy screamed in anger.

This one was lame. That spider storyline dragged on way too long with zero progression. If Sexy Star hasn't figured it out before, then there is no reason to think she has now. I do want to see the storyline in season four, but I don't care about it in this montage.

The Rabbit Tribe is bowing down to Mascarita Sagrada. "I am not the White Rabbit, but I will take you to him. Follow me." The trio excitedly follows a strutting Mascarita.

Yes! I really want to see the White Rabbit and his interactions with the Rabbit Tribe. I can't wait for that story.

Fenix and Melissa drive off together. The camera seemed to focus on the background behind them, but I couldn't make it out. I'm not sure if we were supposed to pick something up or if it was nothing.

Lovebirds. It would have been nice for Melissa to see Fenix's face, not that we had to.

Catrina walked by. Up above, Jeremiah Crane was sitting on the roof, possibly teary-eyed.

Where’s Mil Muertes?

Now in the Reptile Tribe lair. Pindar is shackled on a table. Daga! He's here and wielding a mighty sword. Kobra Moon ordered, "Now, take your place as my new king." Daga chopped the head off Pindar. Drago looked on in horror. Pindar's head lay wide-eyed on the ground.

Goodness gracious. That is a horrible punishment for a thousand year general. Poor guy.

Evil Vampiro is sitting in his dojo. "I have done what you instructed. Puma is gone forever. And Pentagon has ascended to new heights." A He-Man Skeletor looking dude answers, "Now I will make him fall."

What in the heck? Vampiro's master looks fierce. By the way, this story makes no sense whatsoever. Vampiro could have left Puma in the coffin after Grave Consequences and he never would have returned. Am I supposed to believe the master plan was for Prince Puma to win the Cueto Cup, which they didn't know existed at the time, and for Pentagon DARK to lose in the finals only to win the Gift of the Gods and beat Puma in a rematch with Puma's career on the line? Pffft.

Matanza is sitting in his cell. Next door is Rey Mysterio.

Rey didn't look hungry or dirty. I'm surprised Dario is treating his guest so well.

Dario is sipping whiskey in his office with FBI agent Winter. Dario said he will get the gauntlet back. Winter said not to worry. Dario gets a pass. Dario questioned why. "Because you'll be dead." Bang! Bang! Bang! Winter just shot Dario Cueto in the chest. "New management will take care of the gauntlet and all your other messes."

Dario's eyes popped open. He struggled to dial a number on his red phone. Holy shit! Dario called Papa Cueto before passing out.

Insert picture of my eyes bulging out. There's so many possible avenues to travel in season four. Excellently played. It is going to be a tall order for new management to replace the magnificence of Dario Cueto. Personally, I think Dario will survive and return with Papa Cueto ready for blood. Best of all, we'll have a face turn for Dario Cueto. It will be nice to cheer for the best character on the show. After that scene, I'm ready to skip the wrestling. Just give me a regular show about the Cueto family and the war of the gods.

A truly fantastic finale to cap off an excellent Ultima Lucha Tres. Great action and even greater story teases were the delectable cake, while surprise returns were the icing. Not to mention that the final montage was epic. Here’s to crossing our fingers that season four finds a way into production.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Which match was your favorite? Which scene was your favorite? Who would you like to see cast in the roles of season four’s new characters? If this is the end, then I say thank you for the wild ride.

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