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Sermon on the Mat (Oct. 19, 2017): CMLL, Shine, PWG, BLP, PWX, WrestleCircus,, & RevPro cards

AAW, CWF Mid-Atlantic, CZW, Evolve, & Glory Pro results, and all the usual free match action

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Welcome back to the Sermon on the Mat, your weekly one-stop shop for news from the wider world of wrestling beyond the big cable TV monoliths that get all the coverage.

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CMLL Super Viernes (October 20, 9:30PM Eastern)

  1. Disturbio & Sangre Azteca vs. Oro, Jr. & Star, Jr.
  2. Guerrero Maya, Jr., Pegasso, & Rey Cometa vs. Los Revolucionarios del Terror (Dragon Rojo & Polvora) & Misterioso, Jr.
  3. Angel de Oro, Niebla Roja, & Soberano, Jr. vs. Cuatrero, Forastero, & Sanson
  4. El Terrible, Negro Casas, & Rey Bucanero vs. Los Ingobernables (Pierroth & Rush) & Sam Adonis
  5. Diamante Azul, El Valiente, & Mistico vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Gran Guerrero & Ultimo Guerrero) & Mephisto
  6. Caristico vs. Volador, Jr. (Torneo de la Leyenda de Plata Finals)

CMLL are back with their usual Friday night burst of lucha libre action from Arena Mexico, and it turns out that Leyenda de Plata was one phase, with the finals delayed to this week, so that match should be excellent. Indeed, overall it's a pretty good card, and especially that third match should be a pretty fun showcase for Soberano and the present-day Dinamitas.

Check it out, as always, free for nothin' on ClaroSports or CMLL's Facebook page.

Shine 46 (October 20, 9PM Eastern)

  1. Candy Cartwright vs. Jordynne Grace
  2. Priscilla Kelly (c) vs. Santana Garrett (Shine Nova Championship)
  3. Las Sicarias (Ivelisse & Mercedes Martinez) (c) vs. Twisted Sisterz (Holidead & Thunder Rosa) (Shine Tag Team Championship)
  4. LuFisto (c) vs. Vanessa Kraven (Shine Championship)

The World Wrestling Network continues to move on from FloMageddon with Shine's return to internet pay-per-view, from their usual home of the Orpheum in Ybor City, Florida. The whole card hasn't been announced, but the title matches we have are all intriguing in their own right (LuFisto/Kraven in particular, could be a HOSS FIGHT for the ages), and if nothing else it'll be nice to see Jordynne Grace give Candy Cartwright (and hopefully the entire Cutie Pie Club) the comeuppance they deserve.

Get your tickets here or check it out on, folks.

PWG All-Star Weekend 13 (October 20-21)

—Night One (October 20, 8PM Pacific)—

  1. Adam Brooks vs. Mark Haskins
  2. Joey Janela vs. Trevor Lee
  3. Jonah Rock vs. Keith Lee
  4. Ricochet vs. WALTER
  5. Flamita vs. Rey Horus vs. Sammy Guevara
  6. Chosen Bros (Jeff Cobb & Matt Riddle) vs. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) (c) (PWG World Tag Team Championship)

—Night Two (October 21, 8PM Pacific)—

  1. Matt Sydal vs. Rey Horus
  2. Adam Brooks vs. Jonah Rock
  3. Joey Janela vs. Marty Scurll
  4. Mark Haskins & "Flash" Morgan Webster vs. Young Bucks (Matt & Nick Jackson)
  5. WALTER vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.
  6. Chuck Taylor (c) vs. Ricochet (PWG World Championship)

PWG are back in Reseda, California, as always, with their annual hard-hitting All-Star Weekend double shot. Just look at the adjective, Ricochet vs. WALTER. That clash alone is worth headlines, but you add in stuff like Chosen Bros vs. Lucha Brothers and Janela/Lee and well, that's some magic right there. Not that night two is slacking, what with what may well be the final chapter in Taylor and Ricochet's career-long feud, but man, you can really tell that ticket sales were down and PWG had to goose night one to get it to sell out.

And sell out it did, so if you weren't one of the lucky few, you'll just have to wait for the home video release with the rest of us, folks.

BLP Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 (October 21, 7PM Central)

  1. Donovan Danhausen vs. Space Monkey
  2. Arik Cannon vs. Kevin Ku vs. Kobe Durst vs. Shane Sabre (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Opening Round Match)
  3. AJ Gray vs. Darin Corbin vs. Matt Knicks vs. Shane Mercer vs. Stevie Fierce (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Opening Round Match)
  4. Eric Ryan vs. Jimmy Lloyd vs. Markus Crane (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Opening Round Match)
  5. Chip Day vs. Shigehiro Irie (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Opening Round Match)
  6. Jordynne Grace vs. Nicole Savoy (Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Opening Round Match)
  7. Angelus Layne & Dominic Garrini vs. Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy)
  8. "All Ego" Ethan Page vs. "Raging Bull" Manny Fernandez
  9. Faces of Fear (Barbarian & Meng) vs. Nick Gage & ???
  10. Darkest Timeline Championship Tournament Phase 2 Finals

Black Label Pro are back in Crown Point, Indiana for their second show, and while it's not quite as crazy stacked top to bottom as the first one was, there's still a lot going on here. Like, setting aside the tournament matches (the winner of which will go on to face Phase 1 winner Tom Lawler on December 1 to crown a champion), you've got a nigh-guaranteed killer tag match with the Carnies, All Ego vs. Raging Bull in a generational clash, and the crown jewel right there. Deathmatch legend Nick Gage, the King himself, and a partner of his choosing are gonna wrestle the actual honest-to-god Faces of Fear. 2017 pro wrestling at its finest!

Online ticket presale has ended, so take your chances at the door or check it out when it hits Smart Mark Video and, folks.

(And a quick aside, go check out the first show on either of those platforms as well. I couldn't get results in time to print here, but having watched it on Powerbomb, it's a great way to spend two hours with the graps.)

PWX Unsanctioned (October 21, 7PM Eastern)

  1. Effy vs. White Mike
  2. Lacey Lane vs. Kamilla Kaine
  3. Ethan Case vs. Tracer X (X16 Qualifying Match)
  4. Coach Mikey vs. Tommy Thomas (Duxedo Match)
  5. Darius Lockhart (c) vs. Drew Adler (PWX iTV Championship)
  6. Lethal Lovers (Amber Young & Anthony Henry) have an open challenge
  7. Corey Hollis vs. John Skyler (Unsanctioned Street Fight)

PWX are back in Concord, North Carolina and this is it, folks. A year in the making, a year of Hollis growing increasingly paranoid and isolating himself from Skyler, a year where it seemed like they could get back on track at one point only for Corey to spiral deeper into madness. A solid year, most of which was spent with John swearing that he'd never lay hands on a man he considered a brother, no matter how much that resolve was tested, and Hollis finally crossed the line. A feud so bitter that PWX management have been forced to wash their hands of it, leaving the match unsanctioned. Neither man will be the same after this Saturday.

Get your tickets here or check it out when it hits the Highspots Wrestling Network, folks.

WrestleCircus CircusMania (October 21, 7PM Eastern)

  1. Team Austin vs. Team Jervis (Elimination Tag Team Match)
  2. John Morrison & Taya Valkyrie vs. World's Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan)
  3. Jeff Cobb vs. Lance Hoyt vs. Maxwell Jacob Friedman
  4. Jordan Len-X vs. Sami Callihan
  5. Sammy Guevara vs. Scorpio Sky
  6. Dave Crist vs. Tessa Blanchard (c) (WC Sideshow Championship)
  7. Extra Talent-ed (Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks) (c) vs. Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz) (WC Big Top Tag Team Championship)
  8. Brian Cage vs. Shane Strickland (c) (WC Ringmaster Championship)

WrestleCircus are back in Austin, Texas, and they're celebrating their one-year anniversary. Jake Crist's broken foot caused some last minute card shuffling, resulting in his brother Dave getting the shot at the Sideshow Championship and stablemates Xavier and Wentz moving on over to Extra Talent-ed and the tag titles, which is, really, a lateral move at worst because singles Dave Crist is a huge amount of fun, and Scarlet and Graves always bring it.

Plus Cage getting, at last, his one-on-one rematch for the Ringmaster Championship, Len-X and Callihan facing off in a grudge match dating back to Sami's dubious Pipe Bomb, a legitimate intergender dream tag team match, and more!

Get your tickets here or check it out for free on their Twitch channel, folks. Futures (October 22, 5:00PM Eastern)

  1. Desean Pratt vs. Joey Lynch ( Independent Championship Tournament Semifinals)
  2. Fly Warrior vs. Jonathan Gresham ( Independent Championship Tournament Semifinals)
  3. Orange Cassidy vs. Ultramantis Black
  4. Angelus Layne vs. Jordynne Grace
  5. Red Eagle vs. "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams
  6. John Silver vs. Puma King
  7. Independent Championship Tournament Finals are back in Old Forge, Pennsylvania to wrap up their tournament to crown an Independent Wrestling Champion that will be recognized by more than fifty promotions. Stokely Hathaway is confident that his man Jonathan Gresham can take the gold, and I'm not in the habit of betting against him, but all four semifinalists are worthy contenders indeed. Plus the US debut of Portugal's Red Eagle against Hot Sauce and Eddie Kingston is demanding an open microphone, and it should be a fun time indeed.

Get your tickets here or check it out live on, folks.

RPW Live in Leamington (October 22, 5:30PM GMT)

  1. Eddie Dennis vs. Moose
  2. “Speedball” Mike Bailey vs. Ryan Smile
  3. Chris Brookes vs. Kurtis Chapman
  4. Timothy Thatcher vs. Travis Banks
  5. Hunter Brothers (Jim & Lee Hunter) vs. Moustache Mountain (Trent Seven & Tyler Bate)

RevPro just keep adding locations to their touring schedule and Leamington, England is the newest spot you'll be able to catch them at. Now, I may be biased-- no, I'm definitely biased, but good lord, Thatcher/Banks? That's going to be a must-see technical wrestling tour de force, people. Plus HOSS action in Dennis/Moose and a tag team match between WWE UK's finest and the Hunters, what more do you want?

Get your tickets here or check it out when it goes up on RPW On Demand, folks.

Free matches here!

Bobby Fish vs. Tom Lawlor

From the good folks over at Beyond Wrestling, we have technical wrestling excellence from this year's Americanrana matinee show. NXT's undisputed Bobby Fish takes on UFC fighter "Filthy" Tom Lawlor, check it out!

Mia Yim vs. Toni Storm

From the good people over at Southside Wrestling Entertainment, we have some top-shelf women's action from two participants in the Mae Young Classic. Toni Storm takes on Mia Yim in sprinty fresh action, enjoy!

Chris Hero vs. Zack Sabre, Jr.

From the nice people up at Limitless Wrestling in Maine, we have a match that, as they put it, put them on the map. And why shouldn't a match in one of the greatest series in independent wrestling in the last few years put you on the map? Hero. Sabre. Instant classic. Don't miss it!


AAW Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 (October 13-14)

—Night One (October 13)—

  1. Zema Ion over Andrew Everett (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  2. ACH over Curt Stallion (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  3. Mark Haskins over Eddie Kingston (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  4. Jeff Cobb over Zachary Wentz (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  5. Rey Fenix (c) over Trevor Lee to retain the AAW Heavyweight Championship
  6. Keith Lee & Shane Strickland over Matt Riddle & Zack Sabre, Jr.
  7. AR Fox over Dezmond Xavier (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  8. Myron Reed over Brian Cage (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  9. Sami Callihan over Mat Fitchett (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)
  10. Michael Elgin over Penta el Zero M (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 First Round Match)

—Night Two (October 14)—

  1. Zema Ion over ACH (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Quarterfinal Match)
  2. Michael Elgin over Myron Reed (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Quarterfinal Match)
  3. Jeff Cobb over AR Fox (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Quarterfinal Match)
  4. Sami Callihan over Mark Haskins (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Quarterfinal Match)
  5. Teddy Hart over Andrew Everett, Brian Cage, and Stephen Wolf
  6. Michael Elgin over Zema Ion (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Semifinal Match)
  7. Jeff Cobb over Sami Callihan (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Semifinal Match)
  8. Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett) over Connor Braxton & Curt Stallion and Eddie Kingston & PACO
  9. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) over Scarlet and Graves (Dezmond Xavier & Zachary Wentz)
  10. Michael Elgin over Jeff Cobb (Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament 2017 Finals)

AAW's big tournament went down over the weekend, but you don't need to listen to me blather on about it, because our pal George was at night one and filed a report!

Went to Night 1 of AAW's Jim Lynam Memorial Tournament Friday Night at the Berwyn Eagles Club. The weekend was structured around a 16-man single elimination tournament. Here's the lowdown...

DJZ over Andrew Everett in a tournament match. Fun spot fest to warm up the crowd.

ACH over Curt Stallion in a tournament match. Stallion attacked before ACH was even in the ring and was playing the heel. ACH eventually recovered and won with a splash right into the brainbuster.

Mark Haskins over Eddie Kingston in a tournament match. Mat work early, both guys working limbs. It eventually transitioned into a hard-hitting exchange. Kingston as the broken-down gunslinger who just can't get it done but keeps fighting because he's too proud to stop is a story I can get into. Haskins won with a modified Emerald Flosion. Afterward he tried to shake Kingston's hand but Kingston, as the over-proud vet, originally resisted before the handshake. These two beat the everloving crap out of each other.


Jeff Cobb over Zachary Wentz in a tournament match. Cobb's getting big. Can't fight those Pacific Island genes forever I guess...Wentz was up early til Cobb caught him in midair and cut him off. Wentz tried to fight and looked good but Cobb's just too big and powerful.

Rey Fenix over Trevor Lee for the AAW Championship (not a tournament match). Fenix is just so damn good. Lee as the cowardly heel and Fenix as the fighting champ worked well. This was back and forth. 12 minutes long so a bit short but that's not a bad thing.

Keith Lee and Shane Strickland fought Matt Riddle and Zach Sabre Jr. Highlight of the show. All four of these guys are great and more importantly, all four carry themselves like stars - that's half the battle. Crowd loved this, there were chants for everyone, clapping, etc..It was really two matches early - Riddle vs Lee and ZSJ vs Shane. Eventually it broke down and we got some hellacious spots. Check this one out. I'm purposely not revealing the finish because I don't want you to be spoiled. Check this one out!

AR Fox over Dezmond Xavier in a tournament match. This was fast and very choreographed to be honest. The highlight of the match was the bottom rope breaking in half, so the rest of the night we had no bottom rope. This was good, but had no chance of following the heat of the previous match. Fox won with the 450

Myron Reed over Brian Cage. Speed vs power was the story here til Cage took over. Tons of cool power spots. Reed bumped like a mofo for the big guy. Reed showed that babyface fire and the match got good late. Reed won with a flash pin for our first real upset of the tournament.

Sami Callihan beat Mat Fitchett. I think Callihan is turning face. Typical Callihan match - outside spots, crowd brawling, you know the drill. Good heat at the end. Callihan won with the stretch muffler and then raised Mat's hand - hence the face turn? Afterwards Davey Vega came out and said he and Mat were reuniting.

Main event was Big Mike Elgin over The Artist Formerly Known As Pentagon Jr. Great heat as you'd imagine. Penta is a bundle of charisma. This was back and forth. Apron spots galore and stiff kicks/chops everywhere. Elgin won with an Argentine front slam after Penta kicked out of the buckle and Elgin bombs. Great main event.

This was a great night and worth checking out once the VOD becomes available.

Sounds great to me, and night two sounds pretty good just looking at the card-- that wacky Teddy Hart four-way alone, right?

Check the already-released rough cut out on Smart Mark Video and Highspots, and be sure to give George's podcast Two Guys One Sport a follow on Twitter and a listen!

CWF Mid-Atlantic CWF Rumble (October 14)

  1. Dirty Daddy over Cain Justice (c) to win the RGL Championship
  2. Dr. Daniel C. Rockingham, Ethan Alexander Sharpe, & Frankie Flynn over Bobby Ballantyne, KL3, & Ian Maxwell
  3. Dawsons (Dave & Zane Dawson) (c) vs. Sandwich Squad (Aaron Biggs & Mecha Mercenary) went to a no-contest (CWF Mid-Atlantic Tag Team Championship)
  4. Jesse Adler over Aric Andrews (c) to win the CWF Mid-Atlantic Worldwide Television Championship
  5. Trevor Lee (c) wins the CWF Rumble, retaining the CWF Mid-Atlantic Heavyweight Championship

Yes, folks, Trevor Lee outlasted 29 other men, last eliminating Cain Justice to retain his championship and make the record for longest reign just that much harder for future champions to break. Add in a fight for the tag titles so vicious that neither team could make a ten count and a TV title change that took mere seconds despite Lee Valiant attacking the challenger before the bell, and you have the makings of a good solid set of episodes for CWF Worldwide.

Check it out on CWF's YouTube channel when the time comes, folks.

CZW The Wolf of Wrestling (October 14)

  1. Kit Osbourne over David Starr
  2. JT Dunn over John Silver, Space Monkey, and Trey Miguel
  3. Matt Palmer over Ace Austin Shakespeare
  4. Shane Strickland (c) over "All Ego" Ethan Page to retain the CZW World Heavyweight Championship
  5. Ace Romero vs. Greg Excellent went to a no contest
  6. Mr. Claxton over Alex Colon, Brandon Kirk, and Rickey Shane Page (CZW Rules Match)
  7. Carnies (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) over Hooligans (Devin & Mason Cutter) and Storm of Entrails (Dan O'Hare & SHLAK) (Deathmatch)
  8. Joey Janela over Maxwell Jacob Friedman (c) to win the CZW Wired Championship

The Bad Boy is back, baby! And he’s the new Wired Champion, well, pending an investigation on MJF’s claim that the bell never rang. But that's not the only big news coming out of the Wolf of Wrestling, as Joe Gacy showed up to cart Osbourne off after the opener, only to come back to confront Shane Strickland after his successful title defense.

He threatened to kill(!) Kit if he didn't get a title shot, but when new CZW co-owner Matt Tremont showed up to make it official for Hot Buzz Night of Infamy 2017, Gacy attacked from behind, and the man in the ring unmasked as Dan Barry! Matt Palmer completes the trio, and they're clearly looking to make an impact in the new CZW.

Check it out on CZW Studios, folks.

Evolve 94 / 95 (October 14-15)

—Evolve 94 (October 14)—

  1. Dominic Garrini over Rayo
  2. Chris Dickinson over Jason Kincaid
  3. Austin Theory over Brandon Watts
  4. Darby Allin over Jarek 1:20
  5. “Hot Sauce” Tracy Williams over Fred Yehi
  6. Jaka over Zack Sabre, Jr.
  7. Keith Lee over Matt Riddle (c) to win the WWN Championship

—Evolve 95 (October 15)—

  1. Shane Mercer over Mikey Webb
  2. Jarek 1:20 over Brandon Watts
  3. Dominic Garrini over Cyrus Satin
  4. Austin Theory over Jason Kincaid
  5. Keith Lee over Darby Allin
  6. Doom Patrol (Chris Dickinson & Jaka) (c) over GymNasty Boys (Timmy Lou Retton & White Mike) and Ugly Ducklings (Lance Lude & Rob Killjoy) to retain the Evolve Tag Team Championship (Elimination Match)
  7. Richard Holliday (c) over RJ Rude to retain the PAPW Heavyweight Championship
  8. Fred Yehi over Matt Riddle
  9. Zack Sabre, Jr. (c) over "Hot Sauce" Tracy Williams to retain the Evolve World Championship

As always, when I have recaps to point you to, I shall do so (94, 95) and keep it short and sweet here. But suffice it to say, thankfully, the End is a wrestling angle! Odinson, Parrow, and Drennen are raising hell, there's a lot of new talent floating around and making impacts, the usual suspects crushed it when called on-- basically, the future looks like it's gonna be just fine.

Check 'em out on, folks.

Glory Pro Something Wicked (October 15)

  1. The Pride (Aaron Dzinic & Matt Kenway) over Super Future (Palmer Cruise & Xavier Walker)
  2. Everett Connors & Michael Elgin (c) over Boys From Jollyville (Russ Myers & T-Money) and No New Friends (Danny Adams & Kevin Lee Davidson) to retain the United Glory Tag Team Championship
  3. Savanna Stone over Kylie Rae to qualify for the Making Towns Classic
  4. Gary Jay over Jake Parnell
  5. Tyler Matrix over DJZ, Shigehiro Irie, and Stephen Wolf
  6. Shane Strickland over Hakim Zane
  7. Lucha Brothers (Penta el Zero M & Rey Fenix) over Besties in the World (Davey Vega & Mat Fitchett)
  8. Brandon Espinosa over Sean Orleans
  9. Paco Gonzalez over Curt Stallion and Mark Haskins to become #1 contender to the Crown of Glory Championship
  10. Jake Something over Myron Reed (c) to win the Crown of Glory Championship

Glory Pro closed out their year with a bang with Something Wicked, and the wait for the next show in February just got that little bit harder, because they announced a huge match for that show... Big Mike is feeling tranquilo, because he's got Tetsuya Naito coming in to wrestle AR Fox! How's that for a dream match, eh?

As far as the actual show goes, Espinosa won the right to have Orleans as his manager, and Curt Stallion's frustration over a year of not quite being able to come into contact with the title boiled over. He's joined up with Jason Saint, the Boys From Jollyville, and Barackus, and took hold of the physical Crown of Glory title belt to close the show with a vicious declaration of intent.

Check out the trailer here and get the show when it goes up on Smart Mark Video, folks.

As always...

Remember folks, no matter what type of wrestling you like, no matter how down you feel about the state of WWE, Impact, ROH, or any other "big-time" pro wrestling, there's something out there for you. There's a pro wrestling product that can hit you in the right spot and make you love wrestling like you thought you'd never be able to love it again. It's there, I promise. You just gotta reach out and find it, and that, my friends, is what the Sermon on the Mat is all about.

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