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WWE loves reminding Daniel Bryan he can’t wrestle - almost as much as he loves hinting he will again soon

To open SmackDown last night (Oct. 17), Sami Zayn followed in The Miz’s footsteps and went in on Daniel Bryan on, taunting the retired General Manager about the fact he can no longer wrestle any more (among other things).

“If you had just done what I did and worked, maybe a little smarter, instead of working a little harder? You wouldn’t have had to retire in this very building right here.”

This has been a reliable source of heel heat for Team Blue creative - even James Ellsworth’s done it! - and props to Bryan for letting guys get over using something which has been very difficult for him to come to terms with.

Maybe he’s okay with WWE using it because he hasn’t really come to terms with it? The only thing that happens more than a SmackDown villain mocking him about not being able to wrestle is DB teasing a future return to the ring.

He couldn’t resist doing it last night, when a popular Twitter account paraphrased one of Sami’s slights for a laugh. His response might have even confirmed reports of when his WWE contract is up:

Only ten or eleven more months for both parties to have their fun...

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