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Lucha Underground preview: Ultima Lucha Tres, Part IV - The Finale

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The epic saga of gods versus mortals in an underground fight club known as Lucha Underground continues tonight (Oct. 18) on El Rey Network at 8pm ET/PT. The four week season-ending extravaganza of Ultima Lucha Tres returns with part four, the finale. Here's a reminder of the full card:

  • Career vs Title: Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo
  • Steel Cage Match: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs The Monster Matanza Cueto
  • Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes (Winner gets the god gauntlet)
  • Gift of the Gods Ladder Match: Pentagon DARK defeated Son of Havoc by climbing the ladder after Havoc went through a table
  • Last Luchadora Standing: Sexy Star defeated Taya by beating the count after falling through tables
  • Trios championship: Mack, Killshot, Dante Fox defeated Drago, Pindar, Vibora after Mack pinned Pindar following a triple attack
  • Mask vs Hair: Fenix defeated Marty Martinez via springboard 360 splash
  • Ivelisse defeated Catrina via DDT
  • Unique Opportunity Battle Royal won by Mack after eliminating PJ Black
  • Killshot defeated Dante Fox in The Hell of War via death fall through a pane of glass
  • Famous B defeated Texano via kiss-distracted roll-up (Texano is now forced to be a client of Famous B)

On the slate tonight will be the three-way battle for the God gauntlet, steel cage pandemonium, and what will probably be another epic encounter between Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo in career vs title. Let's preview and predict these premier contests.

Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes

The winner will receive the god gauntlet and the right to unknowingly become a vessel.

The gauntlet has had an exciting ride since Cage began wearing it after defeating Texano in a beefy best-of-five series. It was used to punch through Councilman Delgado's skull and also went through a wild hot potato session between the three combatants only for it to end up back in Dario Cueto's hands.

Captain Vasquez, who just so happens to be Catrina's MAMA, has an eye for the gauntlet as well. She made a deal to hand over her half of the Piedra Immortal to Catrina in exchange for the gauntlet. That set in motion Catrina's lover boys, Mil Muertes and Jeremiah Crane. They've been after the gauntlet to please her.

The match was scheduled after Dario Cueto expressed concern to the limo lord that Cage might actually be a machine. Thus, the proper effect of the god inhabiting his body might not be working. Dario proposed the three-way. If Cage wins and gets the gauntlet back, the limo lord has a Temple invitation to destroy Cage.

Two thoughts. Has Cage kept his power increase despite not wearing the gauntlet for awhile? I wonder if those changes to his strength and attitude are permanent. Do the announcers know the god gauntlet's power and purpose? They usually don’t break that wall of mysticism that occurs backstage, but the title of the match calls it the Gauntlet of the Gods. Evil Vampiro probably knows, but will commentator Vampiro flat out state the gauntlet's purpose to the audience?

Enjoy Mil Muertes’ mumbles. He sounds awkward, but I enjoy his promo style.

Prediction: A slobberknocker done to perfection. Mil might not be the slobberiest of the three, with his fine suits and all, but he does the best knocking. Pick: Mil Muertes.

Steel Cage: El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Matanza

I'm not entirely sure why this match has been scheduled. It is easy to speculate though. El Dragon Azteca Jr. has been eager to kill Matanza in retribution for his false belief that Matanza murdered the original El Dragon Azteca. That has lead to many unsuccessful attempts, including Azteca being chokeslammed through the top bleacher. Azteca no doubt wants vengeance for his current master, Rey Mysterio, and Dario Cueto probably wants to enjoy watching Matanza squish Azteca once and for all.

Two thoughts. About the tweeted cage photo above, I'd like to think that Matanza threw Azteca up there and not Azteca jumping down. Will we finally get an update on the status of Rey Mysterio? He was carried to the back by Matanza a month ago. I assume he's been locked in a cell since then. He must be really smelly. I doubt Dario offered the privilege of taking a shower.

Prediction: Death? Or at least extreme convalescence between seasons. The last bout between these two was a Death Match. They probably both still want to deliver on that concept. I haven't seen anything yet from El Dragon Azteca Jr. that can convince me he will win. Matanza is a nearly unstoppable force. Pick: Matanza.

Career vs Title: Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo

Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo is Lucha Underground's preeminent rivalry. They first fought in the main event of the very first episode. Mundo was victorious. The two met again as the finalists in Aztec Warfare. This time, Puma came out on top. Puma remained numero uno in All Night Long. I do not believe they've had singles competition since season one, but they have mingled in trios action to keep the heat strong.

Prince Puma earned his title shot by winning the Cueto Cup. Johnny Mundo easily goaded Puma into placing his career on the line.

A side story is Puma as Vampiro's student. Vampiro offered friendly guidance when Puma was in a slump. That turned into a master-pupil relationship when Vamprio resurrected Puma after a Grave Consequences match against Mil Muertes. Last week, we learned Vampiro has a master himself. How will all this master baiting play into tonight's episode? We've been teased long enough. Now, it is time for this story to pop.

Here’s some thoughts from Prince Puma.

Prediction: Tonight's bout will be the best of the bunch between Prince Puma and Johnny Mundo. I think it will be a clean affair for much of the match. I'd be shocked if Worldwide Underground doesn't interfere, but I believe they will wow us before that moment comes. A victory by the rudo will usher us into a new Mundo order. Plus, it can make a great ending for the documentary Taya has been shooting. Pick: Johnny Mundo.

I’ll leave you with Dario Cueto’s State of the Union Address. You’ll want to watch for his words toward the haters and the cliffhanger ending.

What are your predictions for this episode? Which stories do you most want to see play out backstage? What will be the last image of season three? Enjoy all the Lucha Underground action Wednesday night at 8pm ET/PT on El Rey Network.

El Rey is available via the cable and satellite providers list on their webpage here. If one of those is your hook-up and you can't find the channel on your box, reach out to them and ask for it. If you don't see your provider listed or you've cut the cord, you can find El Rey on the streaming subscription services Sling (here) and (here). Or you can order the episodes on iTunes here and on Amazon here. Seasons one and two are available on Netflix here.

NOTE: Spoilers are out there for these pre-taped broadcast, but many Cagesiders don't partake. If you are going to post or discuss spoilers for this show before they happen, or results of future shows, please use the spoiler bar in your comment.

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