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A smiling Sami Zayn runs down Daniel Bryan to open SmackDown


Sami Zayn is living his best life. Freed from the shackles that kept him stuck on the midcard for the last few years, Zayn true colors showed Tuesday night (Oct. 17) on SmackDown.

Zayn’s final form is kind of a jerk. The former Canadian good guy went all-in on Daniel Bryan and didn’t hold back with the insults.

After Zayn dissed Bryan for getting injured and caring too much about what fans think of him, the SmackDown GM attempted a reply but was interrupted by Kevin Owens. The former Universal Champion twisted the knife deeper into Bryan’s still beating heart, calling him nothing more than a house husband with a short in-ring career.

The segment closed with an Owens and Zayn embrace as Bryan left the ring. The SmackDown GM would go on to tease a potential tag-team match for the bromance of Owens and Zayn for later in the show.

Where did it all go wrong Sami? Did new passive aggressive Sami Zayn go too far with his undressing of Daniel Bryan?

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