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Alicia Fox finally got a WWE shirt, but she might wish she hadn’t

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A Superstar’s first merchandise is always met with excitement and interest from fans. And that’s when it comes early on in their careers.

In the case of former Divas champ, past Total Divas cast member and current Raw Superstar Alicia Fox, she’s finally getting her own shirt after nine years on the main roster. So the WWE Universe is going to be very curious to get eyes on the thing.

Will they want to wear it?

Well, WWE Shop doesn’t even list this bad boy under their “New Arrivals”, which should probably be your first clue...

WWE Shop

They’re also charging a premium price ($27.99 for adult versions, $24.99 for kids) which would make sense if you sunk a lot of money into design, but it’s pretty clear they didn’t sink a lot of money into design.

Otherwise, we’re left to assume they don’t think they’ll sell many, and that they just released this so they can say they released some #MerchForFoxy. And maybe they won’t move a ton of them, but from planning through to promotion, they certainly aren’t helping, either.

Alicia, any comments?

If you’re crazy about Alicia, get yours here.

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