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Lucha Underground Ultima Lucha Tres, Part III recap & reactions (Oct. 11, 2017): Climbing to the top

Lucha Underground returned (Oct. 11) from the Temple of Boyle Heights with the third installment of the four week Ultima Lucha Tres. The card featured Last Luchadora Standing between Sexy Star and Taya, the Trios championship up for grabs as the Reptile Tribe squared off with Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox, and the Gift of the Gods ladder match of Pentagon DARK versus Son of Havoc.

Last Luchadora Standing: Sexy Star vs Taya

Taya entered with a baseball bat and brass knuckle necklace. Sexy Star came out with her full pre-match garb but no weapons. I think Sexy Star's sister was in the audience.

To start the fight, Taya flaunted her metal accessory. I was wrong about Sexy Star not bringing weapons. She pulled out her own pair of brass knuckles from under her top. Both objects were lost in the ensuing scuffle.

The first major impact was scored by Taya. She caught Sexy Star's hurricanrana attempt on the outside and smashed her against the upper railing. That was the closest thing to a wrestling maneuver for the rest of the bout. Fisticuffs commenced all over the crowd area.

Highlights include exchanges of punches, kicks, chops, and forearm blows. Taya did a running tumble onto seats after Sexy Star moved. Sexy Star cheese grated Taya's face against a steel wall to give the match some blood. Sexy then bashed a bottle over Taya's head.

During their battle, the ladies set up a two table stack.

Their brawl sent them battling on to the camera perch above the two tables below. Taya goozled Sexy Star's throat, then they just kind of fell downward off the ledge through the tables. Taya was more on the bottom to take the brunt.

It took to the count of eight before either luchadora tried to stand. Sexy Star used the announce table as leverage to beat the ten count. Taya remained squirming on the floor.

Sexy Star defeated Taya by standing before the count of ten after crashing through tables.

Thumbs up for the intensity. I always enjoy heated chop exchanges, and this match was pretty much one giant exchange of chops.

My initial reaction is feeling underwhelmed by the finish. It felt kind of abrupt. There was nothing wrong with it in execution, but I've been conditioned to expect more than falling through tables would be needed to keep a luchador down. Look at The Hell of War. Perhaps the finish would have felt more acceptable if the match took place before The Hell of War. Or maybe at least one medium tease of a finish would have put me in the mindset that the table spot could be the end. As it was, I was sitting there eagerly awaiting more action then, oh, I guess not.

Trios Championship: Drago, Pindar, Vibora vs Mack, Killshot, Dante Fox

Kobra Moon wore a different outfit than usual. She was queened up with a headdress, bustier top, and flowy dress bottom. Both Killshot and Dante Fox had bandages on their ribs. They shared uneasy-eyed glances of tension that remained.

The trios bout was pretty good with a nice pace. It started slower with the action picking up and bodies moving all over the place.

Highlights include Vibora with a double chokeslam to the soldiers, Killshot standing on Pindar's chest then flipping off, Mack running corner to corner to bash reptiles, Fox flipping out of a chokeslam, Vibora and Mack crisscrossing, Killshot and Fox flying in tandem, and getting a glimpse of Fox's wounded back as a reminder of The Hell of War.

The end began with Pindar vs Mack. Mack flipped out of a Frankensteiner. Fox rushed in to execute a top rope C-4 on Pindar. Mack tossed in a stunner followed by Killshot with a flying stomp. Mack pounced for the pin to win.

Mack pinned Pindar for his team to become new Trios champs.

One side story of this match was Dante Fox turning a corner. He tagged himself in to begin the fight. When Killshot tagged himself in, he was kind enough not to slap Fox on the tender back with full force. Fox eventually began working as a team with his partners. After the victory, a hesitant Fox held up his championship alongside his partners as one unit. Face turn complete?

Another possible side story was what's the deal with Pindar. Pindar was smacking Vibora around a little bit before the bout. Drago was ready to start the match, but Pindar leaped into the ring to be number one. Pindar also blatantly ignored orders from his queen. Kobra Moon wanted Pindar to use Drago's collar chain as a weapon, but Pindar declined. It's kind of weird to tell that story at this stage of the game, especially with zero prior hints of dissension in the Reptile Tribe.

It took a brief bit for me to get into the contest. It was a little cold with no backstory between the opposing teams. The energy picked up once Mack cleaned house. The match did not disappoint from there with high energy and a fun finish. Hopefully, the Trios belts get a major push in season four, because the new champs have the ability to make any episode fantastic.

Matt Striker ran down the two hour season finale Part IV of Ultima Lucha Tres next week. El Dragon Azteca Jr. vs Matanza Cueto in a steel cage match, Cage vs Jeremiah Crane vs Mil Muertes in a gauntlet of the gods three-way, and Prince Puma vs Johnny Mundo in career vs title. Woo whee!

Gift of the Gods Ladder Match: Son of Havoc vs Pentagon DARK

A mighty fine ladder match of back and forth action took place between Havoc and Pentagon. They focused on pummeling one another rather than climbing the ladder.

Highlights include Son of Havoc's handstand flip out of the ring, Pentagon throwing all the ladders in the ring, Havoc hammering the ladder into Pentagon's pebbles, a slam off the ladder sending both men through a table, Pentagon catching a shooting star press into a cutter, and a package piledriver while standing on top of open chairs.

The finish began as Pentagon climbed the ladder. Havoc caught his foot before Pentagon got too high. They battled upon a horizontal ladder suspended between the middle rope and the main ladder. With the upper hand, Pentagon threw Havoc down through a table. Pentagon seized the moment to claim the Gift of the Gods championship.

Pentagon DARK climbed the ladder for victory after Son of Havoc went though a table.

More thumbs up for this fight. Pentagon and Havoc smashed each other often. I don’t have much more analysis beyond that. I sat back and enjoyed. I’d place it second best match so far of Ultima Lucha Tres behind The Hell of War, however, I do expect all three matches next week to top the ladder match.

One thing that crossed my mind is about Matt Striker and Vampiro discussing the idea of focusing on violence instead of winning the match. In a key moment near the end, Havoc was laid out atop a table. I was expecting Pentagon to jump onto Havoc. The only question in my mind was how high would Pentagon climb before taking to the air. Instead, Pentagon decided to go for the win. Havoc caught him then later crashed through the table. With all the talk about violence from the announcers, it was surprising Pentagon tried to climb the ladder at that moment. Were they trying to set up that Pentagon has turned the corner on his lack of focus that cost him matches in the past?

We were treated to a backstage scene to close the show. Prince Puma was meditating inside a circle of candles. Vampiro was pep talking in his ghoulie form.

"Next week, all this comes to an end. These are the last steps of our journey. You will not let Mundo take your career. You will take his title, your title. Then the circle will be complete. Do you understand?"

"I do." Exit Prince Puma.

But that's not the end. A creepy voice spoke to Vampiro. "You've done well." Vampiro replied, "Thank you, master." Dun, dun, dun.

Ultima Lucha Tres continues to deliver entertainment. All three matches maintained my attention the entire time. The episode had nice variation from pure intensity to bombastic Trios chaos to brutal ladder action.

Plus, the winners were all fan favorites once again. Well, sort of. Sexy Star dug her own grave of ill will recently, but that occurred after this show was filmed. Mack, Killshot, and Dante Fox will be dynamite in the future, assuming there is a future. Pentagon DARK is evil, but he gets cheered like a face. His win also spared Cero Miedo-acs from suffering angst. The bottom line is that the Believers in attendance left happy.

Then we got a super surprise of Vampiro serving a master. Who could it be? I’m putting my money on Pimpinela Escarlata and a story revolving around a sex cult. Vampiro seems like he’d be down for that. We know Matt Striker would be. The scene itself was pretty neat visually with Vampiro’s zombie makeup.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Which winner had the most impressive victory? What would you choose as the team name of the new Trios champs? Who is Vampiro’s master? See you next week for the final helping of Ultima Lucha Tres with a cage match, three-way, and career vs title.

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